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Keywords 101

If you’ve set up your online presence, you probably heard the word “keyword” thrown around. Don’t dismiss it as a buzzword – keywords can make or break your success on search engines, like Google. This is because they are important for answering the questions of Internet readers everywhere. With keywords, you are answering questions you…
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caution tape

Websites: Buyer Beware

Selling Your Website Anyone can build a Wix, Shopify, or some other DIY site, but will it sell your product or service?
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buying local

Why Should You Keep Buying Local

“Should I be buying local?” may be a question we ask ourselves from time-to-time.  Lower quality products, the use of pesticides and antibiotics,  and the use of exploitive labor has consistently been a hot topic in today’s society.  At the end of the day, many of us seem to end up buying from big corporations…
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Motivation – The Basics

What is Motivation? According to scientists, motivation is just a willingness to do something, a desire. This is correct, but let’s get more in-depth.  Motivation is a crucial element in obtaining your goals. Steven Pressfield’s “The War of Art” states, “At some point, the pain of not doing it becomes greater than the pain of…
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First Impression

Landing Pages

You know about the importance of a first impression. People often talk about “two minutes to make an impression”, forcing them to play their elevator pitch over and over in their heads. Fact is, first impressions are often formed not just within a couple of minutes, but usually within milliseconds. The human brain processes information…
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Keyboard of Digital Media Firm

Ten Reasons You Should Hire a Digital Media Firm

Imagine Mad Men if it took place in 2017. While Don Draper might still think of catchy new slogans and emotional ad campaigns, he’d also have to scour the Internet for appropriate keywords and think about how to make Lucky Strike’s website SEO friendly. The show would have a lot less drinking, and a lot…
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Accounting Apps for Small Businesses

The best part of owning a small business is the sense of empowerment. You’re working for yourself, and that’s awesome! The self-employed lifestyle means you’re in control, you can choose how to operate it with preferences in mind, and you can cater to your unique life situation with a bit more flexibility.  But then, there…
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Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation: What You Need To Know

Email is an integral part of marketing plans, and can be an incredibly effective way to get return business from customers. However, some recent anti-spam laws have made email marketing a trickier game – no longer can companies get their hands on address lists and spray out a message. You need to get the consent…
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