#SmallBusinessThatRocks: C & V Income Tax Services

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One of the things we love most about London is the rich network of small businesses and entrepreneurs who work tirelessly to support the community with their work. Whether it is by providing services, creating jobs, supporting local charitable initiatives, or a combination of all three, these businesses are what make our community thrive. One…

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TruLOCAL: Truly A #SmallBusinessThatRocks

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When we first heard about TruLOCAL on social media, we were intrigued as we do try to eat a healthy ketogenic diet in our household, which usually includes hormone free, grass fed meat (not easy to find locally).Β  We are all about supporting local so… based on the name and location alone, we ordered a…

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Google AdWords and Pay Per Click Explained

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You might not know it by name, but if you use the Internet, you know what pay-per-click advertising is: those ads directing you to stores selling exactly what you searched for. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is pretty much what the name suggests, as advertisers pay only when users click their ads online. For the marketing firm…

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How Supporting Local Helps Your Business Grow

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The word β€œlocavore”, referring to a person who eats at locally-owned restaurants and buys locally-sourced foods, has been popular for some time. Its durability proves the label is more than a trend, and people young and old are making a point of eating local to support their communities and bring down their carbon footprint.

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Getting a Head Start on E-Commerce Before the Holidays

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Do you dread the sight of red and green before Halloween? You’re not alone; it seems like every year carols and bells are out earlier than before. But it happens for a reason: whether they like it or not, people do start thinking about their Christmas shopping as soon as the weather takes a cold…

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The Town Square #SmallBusinessThatRocks

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Launched just this year, The Town Square is a marketplace showcasing the incredible talents of local businesses. They recognize small businessΒ as the backbone of our communityΒ as they provide a sense of connection, support for local sports and events, Β economic growth, and quality job opportunities.Β  The Town Square strives to provide opportunities to all small business…

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Why Should You Keep Buying Local

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“Should I be buying local?” may be a question we ask ourselves from time-to-time. Β Lower quality products, the use of pesticides and antibiotics, Β and the use of exploitive labor has consistently been a hot topic in today’s society. Β At the end of the day, many of us seem to end up buying from big corporations…

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