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This time last year, SlyFox had the exciting opportunity to have their feature shared on Mompreneurs as a part of their Success Story series. Our amazing co-founder Michelle Faulds (SocialFox) was the focus of the feature and she shared some intimate and inspiring facts that most people might not know! They liked her feature and marketing prowess so much that SocialFox was asked to share more technical expertise on growing Instagram engagement.

Her passions and personal journey is crucial to the success and motivation SlyFox enjoys today. Take a look at some excerpts of this inspiring story, download the Advanced Instagram Tips to Grow Your Following pdf and read the full interview on their blog.

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traffic jam media

Recently, Facebook made the decision to finally allow business owners and organizations of all sorts to join the private conversations going on in Groups. This long-awaited development is going to help more businesses reach out to fans and potential customers in a more intimate forum. Here’s a quote we gave for a news roundup on Traffic Jam Media. Read all about it below.

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Your company succeeds based on the productivity of your employees, but what happens when this starts to drop? It’s an inevitability if managers don’t consider how the employees feel about their work. It’s a simple fact that the manager that does work to make employees feel engaged will increase productivity and boost morale.

Here are five ways to help your employees feel more engaged, boosting productivity and helping your business take off!

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Facebook Algorithm Social Media SlyFox Digital Marketing London Ontario

Back in January, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a major change was coming to the social media superpower – a prioritizing of content from friends, family, and groups on user’s news feeds. “You’ll see less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media,” he said. “And the public content you see more will be held to the same standard—it should encourage meaningful interactions between people.” Sounds pretty good for the average user, but what does this mean for your business?

While other major companies can afford to abandon Facebook, it’s still the medium of choice for small businesses. This makes sense: it’s affordable, it has amazing reach, and it can connect you directly with customers on a website they, without fail, visit daily. It creates a personable image for your company, put advertising tools into your hands, and lets you deal with feedback. So how can your small business deal with the Facebook algorithm changes? Keep reading to get your questions about the Facebook algorithm explained and start implementing some crucial social media tactics.

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