Instagram is a very valuable business tool. Much of your audience will be on it, and it’s a simple way of telling stories about your product or service. Instagram knows this, and their relatively new Story Highlights feature lets everyone showcase the best of their business. To take advantage of this feature, always include a cover on these Highlights; here’s a crash course in making your very own Instagram Story Highlight Covers!

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This August, Instagram made one of its most coveted features easier for everyone to get. Before this year, it was nearly impossible to get that little blue “verified” badge on your account. You had to have been a genuine celebrity, either in real life or on the platform, and know a contact at the company who could help you out. There was no official paperwork, no forms to fill out, no hotline to call. You just needed to be “known”. Needless to say, it was an exclusivity that a lot of social media users found unfair!

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The New Instagram Algorithm

Like most social media platforms, Instagram has always played around with how people see content on their feed. But the decision that raised the most outcry has been moving away from chronological feeds, giving priority to the posts the company thinks you might be most interested in.

With its new algorithm, Instagram isn’t going to change that, but it has been altered to make users’ feeds “feel more fresh.” It will accomplish this by taking several major factors into account to try and predict the patterns of the user.

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The past few months have been extremely volatile for Instagram as they have repeatedly announced substantial changes, policy revisions and developer updates. Some of the most recent announcements happening last month alone include Instagram Post Scheduling and carousel ads for Instagram Stories.

In the last year, users have seen a new type mode, polls in stories, saving stories and following hashtags. But the news that’s not publicly announced is the most intriguing and it has everything to do with the backbone of the Instagram platform — banned hashtags.

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