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Trysten Stone’s Blog

Hello my name is Trysten Stone and I am a co-op student. When my semester started I had no idea where I wanted to go or what I wanted to do. I took the time to sit down and think about work that I found interesting and intriguing. Please follow and like us:

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My Time With SlyFox – Ashley

Ashley's Infographic

Work at SlyFox is never boring, even for a co-op student like me! There’s always something to do, and a fun way to get it done. When I first got here there was so much to learn and do, and the people here made it exciting and enjoyable, helping me build up some experience and…

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My Experience With SlyFox – Sarah

Sarah's infographic

Here at SlyFox Digital Media Marketing, the office is constantly busy and there is always something going on. Slow days are very rare but a busy office means there is always something to be done.   I started my co-op at SlyFox in late February and they were happy to take me on. They welcomed…

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Follow Your Dreams – Take Risks!

Follow your dreams

[ctt template=”5″ link=”G69f1″ via=”no” ]Be brave, take risks, expect the unexpected![/ctt] Frisbees, pool noodles, and yo-yos kind of seem like they’ve been around forever. They’re old toys, and as such they’re associated with children, nostalgia, and wasting a little time. If you know the stories behind them though, they have another thing in common: risk.…

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