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Every action has a purpose. What’s yours? At SlyFox, we will present your message beautifully and effectively, distributing it to a target market that gets you the most bang for your buck!

When you choose SlyFox, you’re getting all of the services you need in one shop. This means that all elements of your campaign will be cohesive and presented in a single, organized package.

We get the BIG PICTURE. We will match your landing pages to your distribution strategy, AND tie-in options for advertising revenue directly into your new web design.

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Testimonials and How They Help Your SEO


It’s pretty much Marketing 101: demonstrate that your product or service is better than the competition, and demonstrate it in as many different ways as possible. Testimonials are an integral part of setting yourself apart in this way. Consumers love to know why they should choose a specific company, and they love to hear it from other consumers.

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We are thrilled to announce the winners for our Valentine's Day contest!

  • Giftii Prize ~ Jessie Nagy
  • Ambrosial Tree Prize ~ Anna Orischenko
  • SlyFox Prize ~ Heather Torraville
  • Side Street Salon Prize ~ Jake Morris
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