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Why Remarketing Works

If you’ve ever received attention for or a reaction to your ad, you may be inclined to think the work stops there – a member of your key audience responded, mission accomplished, it’s an effective ad, that’s that, right?
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Why Paid Social Media Ads Are Better Than Unpaid

Social media, when used personally, seems like a nice combination of friends, family, and news exclusive to you. It feels like an easy-to-navigate sea of content you can control, and that’s a great feeling!
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What is “Mobile Responsive”?

  Whenever tech companies come out with new phones or tablets, public reaction often centers on one thing: the size of the screen. It feels like every new generation of smartphone is changing the dimensions of the device, making them slightly larger than the one that came before.
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Why we REALLY Put Our Fox on a Bus

If you’re in and around London, possibly stuck during rush hour, maybe walking down the street, chances are you’ll see a familiar face on the side of a bus: SlyFox Fox is now on London Transit! You might see him bowling a strike, or giving you a little wave, but he’s definitely hard to miss.[ctt…
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Don’t Count Print Advertising Out!

With so much commercial focus moving to the digital realm these days, many businesses have put print lowest on their list of priorities. The maxim of “print is dead” hangs over a lot of industries struggling with pulling in advertising dollars and customers, from publishing houses to journalism.   But print isn’t dead, and believing…
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Entrepreneurs Need Motivation Too!

There’s an old quote from Thomas Edison you’ve probably heard a thousand times before: “Genius is 1 percent inspiration, and 99 percent perspiration.” It rings true for a lot of folks, but spending 99 percent of one’s genius sweating it out can leave some entrepreneurs feeling discouraged. And being an entrepreneur can mean a lot…
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Maximize Your Reach: 5 SEO-Friendly Blogging Tips

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is absolutely, incredibly, fundamentally important to your website’s success. How often do you go beyond the first page of Google results? Exactly. You don’t want to be stuck in the minors, way over there on page 2. You want to get that call up to the big leagues, earn a seat…
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Website: DIY or a Professional Site?

Behind every great business, there is a website. This website could be many things: a catalogue, a storefront, or an information area; but is it something you should do yourself? DIY websites are common, as they’re viewed as more cost effective; and in the short term, we can see why company owners would see this…
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