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Nice Hair Though

“Nice Hair Though” – Epic Advertising Blunders, Case 1

If the Conservative Party of Canada had taken every penny they spent on attacking Justin Trudeau and had instead handed it over to the NDP to use for their campaign, the result would have been more favorable for the Conservative cause. Here’s why:
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Graphic Design vs Compelling Copy Writing

Compelling Copy vs Visual Delivery

Recently, I have had many discussions with web development clients about the value of the written copy for their website.  It seems that everyone can understand the value in solid programming, aesthetic design is also a no-brainer for most, but many believe that the written copy on their site should almost be an afterthought.  I…
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Opening a Business Comic

Get Started and Escape Your Cage

Are you one of those people who are driven to do something more with your life?  You work too hard for too little and know that your skills are worth more.  You wake up early in the morning or have trouble getting to sleep at night.  The very thought of going into work the next…
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