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Is eCommerce SEO Different From Regular SEO?

Creating a unique website for our small business clients means paying attention to the search engine optimization, or SEO, of every page. It’s how we get your website the attention it deserves using unique content. There is no blanket SEO strategy, though – the tactics we use can change based on the kind of website…
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What is a Point of Sale System (POS) and How Does It Integrate With Your Website?

  In both brick-and-mortar and online stores, the point of sale is where you ring up customers. The spot where they check out online, walk up to your counter, or pick out an item from your stand or booth is the point of sale.  These days, the online point-of-sale system is something all retail owners…
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Social Media

Five Major Ways Social Media Changed Last Year

2020 was a pretty game-changing year for social media. Everyone had a little more time to spend on it, trying to take a break from the pandemic and create new experiences to share while staying apart. Many small businesses saw this as an opportunity when lockdowns slowed down foot traffic; combined with some new social…
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How To Build An Affordable eCommerce Website In 2021

Everyone’s talking about eCommerce these days – can you join the conversation? The circumstances of 2020 have made shopping and paying for services online more important than ever, and 2021 could be a tipping point for consumers. Here’s how your small business can build an affordable eCommerce website this year.  
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How To Plan Your SEO Content Strategy For Next Year

You’re probably already looking to 2021 with optimism, and really, after the year we all had, how bad could it be? As you look ahead, think about your SEO strategy and how your marketing and digital content can help your small business in the new year. Content remains king for SEO and should be a…
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Three Ways to Spend Your Remaining Marketing Budget For 2020

After crunching the numbers, you might find yourself with a bit of a surplus in the old marketing budget. You can make the most of this opportunity by using this money to build a solid foundation for 2021! Here are three ways to spend your remaining marketing money to strengthen your promotions in the new…
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What’s New In Instagram?

Instagram has always been one of the best platforms for small businesses. The simplicity and ease-of-use make it very accessible, but there are so many features that can turn it from an image-sharing app to a key part of your business. 2020 saw the release of many new features, including Guides, automatic closed captioning, Rights…
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How To Avoid The Pitfalls of Google Automation

  Google Ads are like any other type of advertising: how well they work depends strongly on creativity. But unlike other advertising mediums, you have to bid for optimal areas. The twin tasks of coming up with creative and bidding on keywords can take up a lot of time, so Google offers automation in these…
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