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How Graphic Designers Can Take Your Website To The Next Level

When a small business puts together an initial marketing plan, a website is often at the top of the list. Don’t make the mistake of undervaluing graphic design on your website, though. Complete, professional branding should be a priority for every small business, and here’s how graphic designers can take your website to the next…
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Eight Free Or Low-Cost Ways To Support Local Businesses

Shopping locally is one of the best ways to have a positive impact on your local economy. For some people, it’s not within their budget to shop local, but there’s many ways to support local businesses that don’t always involve money!
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How Do I Use Social Media To Drive Traffic To My Website?

Social media platforms are valuable tools for small businesses with small marketing budgets. However, they should be put to work driving traffic to your actual website. If you’re seeing engagement on your posts, but no more visitors to your site, you might need to change your strategy. Here are some ways you can use Facebook,…
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What Is The Difference Between PPC and Display Advertising?

You have two advertising types to consider when coming up with an effective online marketing campaign: pay-per-click and display advertising. The choice can be tough, and focusing on the wrong one could hurt the effectiveness of your campaign. The difference between the two is obvious once you learn about them, and it will be obvious…
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How To Get Google And Facebook Reviews, And Why

Reviews have a huge impact on consumer perception. Customers looking to make a decision on which business to deal with often use Google Business and Facebook reviews as the tipping point for their choice. In fact, a 2018 consumer review survey found that just over 90% of people read online reviews, and more than 80%…
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Five Ways to Improve Your Google Search Ranking

Everyone with a website wants a high Google search ranking, but no one gets that coveted slot without a little hard work behind the scenes. Small businesses who want to compete and succeed should follow these five tactics when preparing their website because they could make a huge difference not just in rankings, but in…
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Five Reasons To Pay A Pro To Build Your Website

When you want to expand your small business reach, a website is a must. Scratch that, a professionally-built website is a must, and it’s one of the best investments you can make for your marketing plan. When done right, a website can combine online marketing, business information, and direct conversions into one convenient package. Here’s…
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How WordPress SEO Works

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is an incredibly valuable tool for online marketing. As the name suggests, effective use of SEO makes all the content on your site more attractive to search engines like Google, raising your profile on search results and driving more traffic to your website. For many sites, incorporating it can be…
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