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How To Get Google And Facebook Reviews, And Why

Reviews have a huge impact on consumer perception. Customers looking to make a decision on which business to deal with often use Google Business and Facebook reviews as the tipping point for their choice. In fact, a 2018 consumer review survey found that just over 90% of people read online reviews, and more than 80%…
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Five Ways to Improve Your Google Search Ranking

Everyone with a website wants a high Google search ranking, but no one gets that coveted slot without a little hard work behind the scenes. Small businesses who want to compete and succeed should follow these five tactics when preparing their website because they could make a huge difference not just in rankings, but in…
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Five Reasons To Pay A Pro To Build Your Website

When you want to expand your small business reach, a website is a must. Scratch that, a professionally-built website is a must, and it’s one of the best investments you can make for your marketing plan. When done right, a website can combine online marketing, business information, and direct conversions into one convenient package. Here’s…
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How WordPress SEO Works

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is an incredibly valuable tool for online marketing. As the name suggests, effective use of SEO makes all the content on your site more attractive to search engines like Google, raising your profile on search results and driving more traffic to your website. For many sites, incorporating it can be…
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Website Redesign Mistakes To Avoid

Choosing to redesign your website is a major decision, and it’s not one to be made lightly. A redesign can help your growing business, improve your search engine rankings, and relaunch your branding successfully. But without proper planning and expertise, a number of common mistakes can be made during the process. These common website redesign…
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The Three Most Important Pages On Your Website

Don’t get us wrong, every part of your site is important to the SlyFox team. But to your audience and search engines, some pages are more important than others! The three most important pages on your website all play crucial parts in both informing potential and returning customers and improving your standing on Google results.
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Biggest Web Design Trends in 2019

Looking to spice up your online life? 2019 is bringing big, bold, attention-grabbing designs to the mainstream, and they could help you stand out above the competition. These are five of the biggest design trends we’re seeing so far in 2019, and they’ll only get more popular as the year progresses – get ahead of…
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Pay-Per-Click Campaigns And Conversion Tracking

For small businesses, a Pay-Per-Click campaign might be the best way to effectively reach new customers. It’s budget-friendly and easily updated, allowing new entrepreneurs and old businesses alike to attract new customers and get ahead of changing trends. But to make the most for your money, you’ll need to use conversion tracking. Running a Pay-Per-Click…
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