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The Osborne Effect: A Modern Challenge For Marketing

In April 1981, the world was introduced to the Osborne 1, the first successful portable computer. The Osborne 1’s inventor, Adam Osborne, was spoken of in the same sentence as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. The company hit $100 million in revenue less than two years later – but we don’t think of Adam Osborne…
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How To Mix Photography And Text On Your New Website

On a website, text and images are like cupcakes and frosting – they are so much better together! Much like baking, mixing photography and text on your website is a special art. You can combine the ingredients in many ways to highlight each part and heighten the overall experience. Mixing photography and text is one…
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How To Get More Exposure For Your Small Biz Right Now!

You run a bold, innovative small biz and you know you’re better than the big competition – but how can you convince more people of that fact? Cutting through the online noise is the key to getting new customers, and you should design a marketing plan that gets your small business the right amount of…
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Five Reasons Why Updating Your Website Is A Great Investment

Does your website need an update? If you answered yes right away, now is the time to make this update happen! As the face of your small business, a little lift does more than scratch the itch for internet users who like new things – it has many practical purposes that can positively impact your…
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How To Support Local Businesses Through Tough Times

Small businesses are so important to local culture and flavour, but they’re also the economic lifeblood of many communities. Most of them have had to scale back their operations or close doors altogether until the COVID-19 pandemic is over, but we don’t know when that will be.  Now is a time where small acts of…
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Adjusting Your Web Strategy During The Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus is changing the way we interact with each other, meaning every business around the world has been affected. Taking a huge hit right now are small businesses, but there are many ways they can use the internet to fill the void. Your website is the bridge to your customers, and it’s more important…
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Should You Implement 3D Effects On Your Website?

  Well-designed, relevant 3D effects can increase the appeal and user-friendliness of your website. While many people think of these effects as decorative elements of a website, there’s so much more they can do. Web designers can add 3D elements to main pages to welcome users, or use them as smaller details to pull visitors…
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London Facebook Business Group

The Come up^ Review Building Event March 29

Enter to win prizes by leaving positive and legitimate reviews for London Businesses Prizes are listed below. Each time you post a screenshot of a review and tag the business owner or page you get one ticket for the contest. All reviews must be local, positive, and legitimate. Building up positive reviews for the whole…
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