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Where To Find Colour Palette Inspiration For Your Branding

The most noticeable part of a brand is its colours. The colours a company chooses can play a huge role in creating a good first impression. They can attract the right audience and create the ideal association between emotions and a product or service.
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How to Properly Write Website Content

SlyFox makes websites that represent small businesses, and we want to represent them as well as possible. This includes everything we write! If the content is too sloppy or confusing, it will reflect poorly on your brand.   Writing proper website content can take some getting used to, but these five tips can help make…
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Logo Trends 2020

It’s an understatement to say 2020 isn’t what we thought it would be, but London’s resilient small businesses are responding very well! The circumstances may also explain many of the year’s biggest logo trends: we’re all looking back to better times. 
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Transitioning Your Storefront To eCommerce

Now more than ever, small businesses of all kinds are bringing their brick-and-mortar experiences to well-made websites. As a web design and digital marketing business, SlyFox provides free consultations to help more small businesses in London understand how easy – and these days, how important – it is to make the transition to eCommerce.
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Keep Your Design Costs Down: Using Third-Party Licenses Instead of Reinventing The Wheel

One of the great things about is that it’s an open-source platform. A web designer can add many different plugins made by other skilled developers that enhance the functionality, conversion rate, and SEO of a site. Using third-party licenses on is a great way to keep costs down, too!
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What’s The Deal With The New Google Web Vitals Report?

Over the years, Google has come to dominate how we use the internet. Along the way, the company has given developers some amazing tools to measure and report how well a site performs. Some have found the wide range of metrics available through these tools a challenge to make sense of, while others – like…
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What’s The Difference Between and

Did you know that there’s not one but two versions of WordPress? While might seem like the logical start for your WordPress site, if you want a website you can own and customize, is the one to use. Here’s what makes them very different platforms!
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Why Not DIY Web Builders: Five Reasons To Go Pro and Own Your Site

The internet has made a lot of resources available to more people, and in many ways, this is great! But it’s always wise to look a little more closely at no-cost tools before committing to them, especially those that let you build a website “for free.” These sites have nothing on a professionally-built website that…
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