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Should Your Website Have Online Chat?

Does your business make customer service easy? Small businesses set up websites for many reasons, including how they improve the handling of complaints and issues. Customers can be hesitant to pick up the phone and call a support line – these days, they want immediacy, convenience, and to know that someone is on the other…
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How We Use Google Drive To Collaborate With Our Clients

Many people consider Google Drive as a cloud and sync service, but it’s so much more than that. The G Suite of online programs – Google Drive, Documents, Sheets, Slides, etc. – make it easy to share work and collaborate on projects with our clients. 
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How To Ask For Credit If Your Content Is Being Repurposed On Social Media

Sharing is one of the best parts of the internet. Asking for permission before regramming or reposting someone else’s social media content is pretty basic etiquette. But not everyone thinks this way – they will take a piece of content and share it on their personal or business pages without thinking about who made it…
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The Top 5 Critical Rules of Ecommerce Web Design

Are you looking to add eCommerce to your website and boost your physical shop? Successful online stores follow different web design rules than other types of sites. Here are five critical guidelines we follow when setting small businesses up with eCommerce! Rule #1: Keep The Design Simple Having a lot of features might sound impressive,…
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How Our SEO Program Gets You Business

One of the best ways to improve business is by attracting more people to your website, and this starts by getting the attention of search engines. SlyFox’s SEO program helps small business owners across London and Ontario get this attention, making user-friendly websites that rank higher in search engines. How does SEO translate into more…
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SlyFox Mentions: SlyFox Web Design in Business London

SlyFox Web Design & Marketing was featured in London Inc. magazine. This article is about our very own social media strategist, Michelle Faulds! Read the article below: Making your potential click
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What Is The Difference Between Responsive And Adaptive Web Design?

Website designers and developers have to build their products with a wide range of screen sizes in mind. From huge desktop monitors to the little screens of smartwatches, people can access information in more ways than ever. How do developers make sure the site scales to every device possible?
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Shadowbans, Action Blocks, And How To Avoid Them

A beloved social networking site for small businesses, Instagram keeps its integrity with a strict set of guidelines. These rules prevent bots, scripts, scrapers, crawlers and all other automated nonsense from ruining the user experience.
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