Biggest Web Design Trends in 2019

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Looking to spice up your online life? 2019 is bringing big, bold, attention-grabbing designs to the mainstream, and they could help you stand out above the competition. These are five of the biggest design trends we’re seeing so far in 2019, and they’ll only get more popular as the year progresses – get ahead of the web design curve now!

Micro-interactions As A Web Design Trend

micro interactions, micro web designMicro-interactions are “events” on your site which have one task and one task only. You can have them set up so that they trigger when a user visits your site, or when they take an action – like, when they click a product into their shopping cart, or download a document. These tiny elements can be used to provide instant feedback to the visitor so they know their action was recorded, they can encourage sharing and continued searching, and they can simply make the experience more fun.

They can be smarter than you think, too! These micro-interactions are usually coded with “rules” to determine when the micro-interaction should be triggered, and “feedback” reactions that let visitors to your site know what’s happening. A big thumbs up micro-interaction is an easy way to say thank you, and it makes the experience enjoyable!

Serifs Are Back In Web Design

Ah, typography. You’re never going to make anyone happy with the fonts you choose. Luckily, 2019 is all about breaking rules, and it’s never been a better time to give your site the look and feel of a vintage typewriter. Serifs, those small little strokes on letters, are back in a big way. Fonts that look like Times New Roman are making a comeback after years of being shelved in favour of Helvetica clones.

You could also just have your typeface all Comics Sans, because when you can’t please everyone, please no one! (Just kidding, please don’t).

Screen-Dominating Web Branding

This year, creating a memorable first impression is easier than ever! Bolder typefaces, contrasting colours, and gigantic heroes and banners are what’s greeting many branding image, slyfox brandingInternet users these days. The key elements of your branding should also be following the visitor around, and should be prominent no matter what they do or where they go on your site.

This is crucial for mobile-responsive designs, too. However it is designed, it should always reflect your branding elements, because out of sight, out of mind!

A New Web Design Trend: Breaking Grids

For as long as people have been designing on the Internet, there has always been the Grid – the invisible plane on which elements and layouts were arranged with equanimity and neat perfection. The Grid made web design a little easier, a little more comforting, and allowed for good flow.

2019 wants us to think all this is wrong; asymmetry is key to catching people’s attention.

Many designers are breaking the chains of the Grid and experimenting with imbalanced elements. Don’t worry about margins and lining up your menus along the top or bottom, they say – just put them wherever you want. It’s an interesting idea, and it will only become more prevalent in the coming year.

Vibrant, Flamboyant, Energetic Websites

SlyFox Web Design and Digital Marketing London Ontario Website Design Services Cover ImageYou thought Stranger Things and movies based on Stephen King books were the only ones bringing the Eighties into the present? One major web design trend picking up a lot of speed in 2019 is the use of vibrant, contrasting, even full-on clashing colours. Fulls blocks of colour and simple typefaces are creating a Douglas Coupland-esque, post-disco dreamscape. You have to really go out on a limb for this trend, but a lot of designers are looking back to the neon energy of yesteryear to create a novel, eye-catching web presence. Contact us if any of this inspires you!

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