Pay-Per-Click Campaigns And Conversion Tracking

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For small businesses, a Pay-Per-Click campaign might be the best way to effectively reach new customers. It’s budget-friendly and easily updated, allowing new entrepreneurs and old businesses alike to attract new customers and get ahead of changing trends.

But to make the most for your money, you’ll need to use conversion tracking. Running a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign without conversion tracking is like trying to play chess blindfolded: you can’t see the reaction to your moves!

What Is A Conversion With Pay-Per-Click Campaigns?

Web Design Web Designer PPC Advertising SlyFox Digital Media Marketing London Ontario Blog HeaderA β€œconversion” is a specific action customers take through your website or online marketing campaign. With a PPC campaign, you pay (as the name suggests) when customers click on your ad, and you can set a budget with a maximum cost you’ll pay per month – it could be whatever you can pay, or whatever you’re willing to pay. The idea of the PPC campaign is to drive customers to your web presence and have them take an action.

Once potential customers have been directed to your website, you can measure their actions, seeing how the money you’ve put into a PPC is working. The ideal results are that your campaign increases the number of customers and sales, but without information detailing how exactly the customers are β€œconverting”, you won’t know how the ad is working or how you can adjust your strategy. Calculating the return on your advertising investment is absolutely necessary, and this cannot be done without conversion tracking.

Conversion Tracking Your Pay-Per-Click Campaign

Conversion tracking makes the money you put into your PPC campaign worthwhile because it tells you how effective your keyword strategy is at getting people to take action. It allows you to rate how your ad campaign is working and see how it is generating and affecting the various actions that could be counted as conversions.

A conversion could be major, such as a purchase through your website, a download of an app or document, or making an appointment; or it could be a smaller action, like the filling out of a form, the completion of a survey, signing up for a newsletter, or leaving an email address for future contact. How you define an effective conversion is up to you, and what you think would be the best use of your money.

After you’ve identified what conversions you want to track, you can begin measuring your PPC campaign with a conversion tracker. Conversion tracking will help you measure and identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current campaign, letting you adjust it and move in different directions if necessary. To go back to our metaphor, you should approach it like a game of chess: you wouldn’t enter the game with a blindfold on. You would have no idea how your opponent is reacting to your strategy! Conversion tracking is like the eyes of your campaign, and without it, you’ll be hopelessly lost.

Conversion Tracking Is Getting Easier!

If you’re looking into using a Pay-Per-Click campaign to improve your reach, use all the tools at your disposal. Don’t let it intimidate you, either – conversion tracking is getting easier to do, too! Google Ads, the best pay-per-click system online (and the one we use), also has a conversion tracking tool for convenient use.

It’s unwise to put an investment into an ad campaign and not know how it’s working, but with conversion tracking, you will get a lot of crucial insight into how your campaign is motivating customers. You’ll always be prepared, and you can make your chess moves with both eyes open! Contact us to learn more.


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