#SmallBusinessThatRocks: Jewel Within

Jewel Within - SlyFox Web Design and Marketing

If there is something we could all use it is a few extra instances of self-care. So, while you’re wrapping up (pun intended) your holiday shopping, consider giving a gift that isn’t purely just ‘stuff’ but an experience. So, if you have some last-minute shopping to do, or if are you in desperate need of…

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#SmallBusinessThatRocks: Picture Perfect

picture perfect photo booth slyfox blog header - SlyFox Web Design and Marketing

I would bet that most of us out there have at least one treasured photobooth strip of pictures, proudly pinned up or maybe tucked away in a box that, due to all of the happy memories attached to them, we could never bear to part with. There is something enduring about the joy that comes from…

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