Follow Your Dreams – Take Risks!

Follow your dreams - SlyFox Web Design and Marketing

[ctt template=”5″ link=”G69f1″ via=”no” ]Be brave, take risks, expect the unexpected![/ctt] Frisbees, pool noodles, and yo-yos kind of seem like they’ve been around forever. They’re old toys, and as such they’re associated with children, nostalgia, and wasting a little time. If you know the stories behind them though, they have another thing in common: risk.

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#SmallBusinessThatRocks And Looks Pretty too!

#smallbusinessthatrocks feature - SlyFox Web Design and Marketing

The entire SlyFox team LOVES to look polished and fashionable at all times – if you do too then you will love our choice for this week’s #smallbusinessthatrocks feature!! [ctt template=”5″ link=”d61bF” via=”no” ]Life’s too short to wear boring clothes![/ctt] Evelynn by Nicole Snobelen is a Canadian fashion line based out of London, Ontario.

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#SmallBusinessThatRocks and Smells Great Too!

#smallbusinessthatrocks Ambrosial - SlyFox Web Design and Marketing

[ctt template=”5″ link=”8Rajc” via=”no” ]80% of love, is smell[/ctt] By unanimous SlyFox staff vote, this week’s #smallbusinessthatrocks is Ambrosial Tree! ”Β I have been purchasing natural and organic products for many years but some of those natural products still had ingredients that were on my β€˜no-no’ list. Β With all the toxic and chemical products out there…

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Social Media Time Management

social_media_fox - SlyFox Web Design and Marketing

Social media is always expanding. Sometimes, it feels like there’s a new platform springing up overnight, every night. Getting on board as quickly as possible might seem necessary, but businesses running their own social media can feel like they’re suddenly bogged down with the Internet, trying to make connections with stakeholders in the cyber world…

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#smallbusinessthatrocks is Fueled This Week by Wally’s!

#smallbusinessthatrocks - SlyFox Web Design and Marketing

[ctt template=”5″ link=”VAcnr” via=”no” ]You can’t buy happiness but you can eat at Wally’s and that’s kind of the same thing.[/ctt] This week’s SlyFox staff pick for #smallbusinessthatrocks is our go-to lunch spot: Β Wally’s Coffee, Β SOHO’s hidden treasure coffee shop, tucked one block in from Wellington on Waterloo StreetΒ onΒ the main floor of the Victoria Professional…

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Pay-Per-Click Advertising: What It Is and How It Works

pay per click user - SlyFox Web Design and Marketing

There are many ways to β€œgame” search engines and get your business or website at the top of the search results heap – key words and phrases, headings, and tags are all good ways to enhance search engine relevance. Sometimes, though, the most effective way to get people to your website is to choose a…

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What Can Back Links Do For Your Website?

back links - SlyFox Web Design and Marketing

Search engines can be fickle things. It’s not enough that a website or blog have great content (though good writing helps, as we’ll see!). Google demands certain things. It demands coding, specific keywords, and a freedom to crawl your blog and index. It also demands relevancy. Backlinks and the tactic of link building are crucial…

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