SlyFox Mentions: X Craft in Business London

X Craft, a company we built a website for, was recently featured in business London. They are a concrete construction company, that specializes in outdoor furniture, urban design and sport court installations. Concrete ideas

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How To Avoid The Pitfalls of Google Automation

  Google Ads are like any other type of advertising: how well they work depends strongly on creativity. But unlike other advertising mediums, you have to bid for optimal areas. The twin tasks of coming up with creative and bidding on keywords can take up a lot of time, so Google offers automation in these…

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#SmallBusinessThatRocks – Quantum Food Solutions

Quantum Food Solutions

Web design and digital marketing may be on our marquee, but the SlyFox team is in the business of helping small businesses. Sometimes our clients are in this line of work too, and Quantum Food Solutions is one of them. You may have been affected by their work without even knowing it! To put their…

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#SmallBusinessThatRocks: Vojin Security

Vojin Security

  Security is very important to the SlyFox team, but we stay in our lane: the websites we build are well-guarded and secure. When it comes to protecting property and people, we leave that to the professionals. It’s good to know that there are community-minded security companies out there, including this week’s #SmallBusinessThatRocks, Vojin Security. …

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Should You Start A Business or Go To School?

There are so many paths into the business world, but everybody seems to find themselves at a fork: either go to school or enter the workforce. Both a college or university education and a small business are investments of time and money – which one is the right choice for you?  

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