#SmallBusinessThatRocks: Josh’s Automotive

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For many of us, our personal vehicles are an indispensable toolΒ that allows us to commute, get the kids where they need to be, and to make acquiring daily supplies much more convenient. But they need to always be safe and reliable. Our lives are literally depending on it! Josh’s Automotive is aΒ #SmallBusinessThatRocksΒ because they know just…

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Google AdWords and Pay Per Click Explained

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You might not know it by name, but if you use the Internet, you know what pay-per-click advertising is: those ads directing you to stores selling exactly what you searched for. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is pretty much what the name suggests, as advertisers pay only when users click their ads online. For the marketing firm…

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Six Reasons To Say Yes To WordPress

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When it comes to building a website, there are a lot of different choices you can make. You could choose a platform made for shopping, one that has drag-and-drop simplicity, or build something from scratch. You could also choose a platform that provides all these things and so much more. WordPress is that choice, and…

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#SmallBusinessThatRocks: Tandem Recruitment & Consulting

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A thriving community requires active citizens engaging in a robust economy. Local #SmallBusinessThatRocks, Tandem Recruitment & Consulting is a company that embodies both of these goals.Β Recognizing that a company’s success lies within its human capital, Tandem provides professional recruiting services in order to strategically match the ideal professional to the ideal position. Tandem’s expertise lies…

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How Supporting Local Helps Your Business Grow

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The word β€œlocavore”, referring to a person who eats at locally-owned restaurants and buys locally-sourced foods, has been popular for some time. Its durability proves the label is more than a trend, and people young and old are making a point of eating local to support their communities and bring down their carbon footprint.

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