Bedtime Beginnings Website Update #smallbusinessthatrocks

#smallbusinessthatrocks - SlyFox Web Design and Marketing

Think about how you feel when you don’t get enough sleep… Lack of concentration, headache, irritability; It doesn’t make for an enjoyable “morning after” for you or for yourΒ wee one that kept you up all night. Β We came across a solution last year when we created Bedtime Beginnings website. Β Today, in #smallbusinessthatrocks we bring you…

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10 Motivator Tips to Get Your Work Done

work faster with motivator - SlyFox Web Design and Marketing

Call it a push, a motivator, a kick in the butt, whatever – everyone, from the top CEOs to the newest interns, needs an extra something to get their β€œstuff” done. Maybe it’s weekly, maybe it’s daily, but no one is immune to the office blahs.   So what can you do when that β€œHang…

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#smallbusinessthatrocks: Rustix Update

now with barn board - SlyFox Web Design and Marketing

We recently launched the new RustixΒ website and couldn’t be more proud! Β This hard working, local entrepreneur creates beautiful handcrafted Live Edge furniture and has recently added barnboard to their line, including barnboard accent walls!Β It’s such an awesome material to make a great living space stand out. Barn board adds an original texture, color, and can…

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Why We’re Google Partners – And How That Benefits You

Google Partners - SlyFox Web Design and Marketing

The SlyFox team is proud to say we have a pretty awesome certification under our belts – we’re Google Partners! This is an AdWords certification with several implications, but here’s the most important distinction: it proves we know online marketing. It’s something we were always confident in, but now we have a badge for that…

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How To Motivate Staff On A Budget

unmotivated cat - SlyFox Web Design and Marketing

A small business can face many of the same difficulties a large business deal with, but with one big (big) difference: they don’t have the same budget. Incentives and motivations can be a great way to boost morale, build a team atmosphere, and motivateΒ your employees, but what can you do if you don’t have the…

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Oh Baby, We Love This #SmallBusinessThatRocks

entrepreneur - SlyFox Web Design and Marketing

[ctt template=”5″ link=”5c91j” via=”yes” ]From the moment they placed you into my arms, you snuggled right into my heart.[/ctt]   If you haven’t been to Oh Baby Boutique at The Western Fair Farmers’ & Artisans’ Market in London, Ontario then you need to add it to your list of must see places! Β Open Saturdays from…

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