Bedtime Beginnings Website Update #smallbusinessthatrocks

#smallbusinessthatrocks - SlyFox Web Design and Marketing

Think about how you feel when you don’t get enough sleep… Lack of concentration, headache, irritability; It doesn’t make for an enjoyable “morning after” for you or for your wee one that kept you up all night.  We came across a solution last year when we created Bedtime Beginnings website.  Today, in #smallbusinessthatrocks we bring you…

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10 Motivator Tips to Get Your Work Done

work faster with motivator - SlyFox Web Design and Marketing

Call it a push, a motivator, a kick in the butt, whatever – everyone, from the top CEOs to the newest interns, needs an extra something to get their “stuff” done. Maybe it’s weekly, maybe it’s daily, but no one is immune to the office blahs.   So what can you do when that “Hang…

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#smallbusinessthatrocks: Rustix Update

now with barn board - SlyFox Web Design and Marketing

We recently launched the new Rustix website and couldn’t be more proud!  This hard working, local entrepreneur creates beautiful handcrafted Live Edge furniture and has recently added barnboard to their line, including barnboard accent walls! It’s such an awesome material to make a great living space stand out. Barn board adds an original texture, color, and can…

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Why We’re Google Partners – And How That Benefits You

Google Partners - SlyFox Web Design and Marketing

The SlyFox team is proud to say we have a pretty awesome certification under our belts – we’re Google Partners! This is an AdWords certification with several implications, but here’s the most important distinction: it proves we know online marketing. It’s something we were always confident in, but now we have a badge for that…

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How To Motivate Staff On A Budget

unmotivated cat - SlyFox Web Design and Marketing

A small business can face many of the same difficulties a large business deal with, but with one big (big) difference: they don’t have the same budget. Incentives and motivations can be a great way to boost morale, build a team atmosphere, and motivate your employees, but what can you do if you don’t have the…

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Oh Baby, We Love This #SmallBusinessThatRocks

entrepreneur - SlyFox Web Design and Marketing

[ctt template=”5″ link=”5c91j” via=”yes” ]From the moment they placed you into my arms, you snuggled right into my heart.[/ctt]   If you haven’t been to Oh Baby Boutique at The Western Fair Farmers’ & Artisans’ Market in London, Ontario then you need to add it to your list of must see places!  Open Saturdays from…

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