Should You Start A Business or Go To School?

There are so many paths into the business world, but everybody seems to find themselves at a fork: either go to school or enter the workforce. Both a college or university education and a small business are investments of time and money – which one is the right choice for you?


School Vs. Business: Which Path Do You Want To Take?

People should follow the way that works best for their ambitions. A degree or diploma is a great idea for more technical businesses or industries, or to be hired into someone else’s company. Many students who are fresh out of high school find it important to go to business school to learn economics or soft life skills like accountability and prioritization. But if you’re looking to succeed through entrepreneurship, college degrees aren’t mandatory – or even necessary. 

We’ll tell you from experience: most of what you get in business comes through hard work. Working with your own two hands imparts some of the most important practical lessons out there. Channeling a passion for self-employment and independence into a small business can get you very far – and schools are not going anywhere should you choose to go back or do it part-time! 


Making A Solid Choice For Your Future

Whatever path you choose, you’ll need to do some investing – in both yourself and your venture. Some students spend money to earn a degree and work in an industry for a few years so that they schoolcan make more money to support an entrepreneurial journey. This can be fine, but for the majority of students, this means another problem: steep levels of debt. The amount of money needed to get through school can hold back ambitions for years – and nowadays, maybe even decades. 

The difference between school and business is that there are more profitable foundations to be found in the start-up world. Beginning your business journey with a franchise allows ambitious entrepreneurs to buy into an existing, successful business model; this start often comes backed by a proven track record, an effective team for training, and knowledgeable technical support. 

While it used to be that only certain areas of business gave entrepreneurs franchise opportunities, there are many more options these days, including in marketing and digital services!


SlyFox Franchises Can Be The Right Choice For You!

The best way to succeed in the future of digital and small business marketing solutions is to get involved with it right away. You can do this through a franchise and get the practical education you need at the same time! Every entrepreneur can become familiar with the business basics this way, as franchising provides access to the resources and the connections an enterprising person can businessbuild off of and use to succeed. If you’re passionate about marketing and want to be part of its future, a SlyFox franchise can be your ticket into it!

Choosing whether to start a business or go to school all depends on what you believe is the best path for your calling. Whatever path you choose, hands-on experience in the industry will always be essential. It also helps to have some guidance from a team that knows the business inside and out so that you know your investment is solid and your prospects are on the right track. The SlyFox team gives you the right start to serve communities across Ontario, Canada, or anywhere small businesses need digital marketing solutions!

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