Update Your Website, Or Build A New One?

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How do you know when it’s time to make an update to your current website, or just start the whole thing over again? Building a new site requires more work than an update, but depending on the circumstances, it could be the best option for your small business and Internet Marketing plans.

Your website isn’t mobile responsive

Verdict: Update

At one point, mobile responsiveness required an entirely different website; now, your back end can adjust to the screens of mobile visitors. It’s a bit of work to add to an existing site, but these days, itβ€˜s an absolute necessity. Tools can update the code your site already uses so that a new site doesn’t have to be built from scratch.Β Google even has a free tool that lets you see how easy it is to access and interact with your website on a mobile device. Remember, most sites lose more than half their visitors while loading.Β Try it out yourself!

Your website is on a DIY site

Verdict: Build a new one

DIY websites offer limited options, lower security, and less optimization. You don’t get to control the look, layout, or feel of the website, and to get even an inch, you have to pay extra. Building a flexible and versatile website with a digital media company gives you control over the look and feel, from the coloursΒ to the pages to the fonts. This means moving from a DIY service to something built from scratch!

Your content is old

Verdict: Update

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Out-of-date content is bad for business – it’s inaccurate, sells a different version of your business to customers, and harms your standing on search engine returns. Everything on your site has to be factually correct, and fresh writing, pictures, and videos added regularly to your site to make it SEO-friendly.

But old content doesn’t require an entirely new website. A digital media company can work with your existing website to make optimized for Google, even as the algorithms change to look for different things.

You’re rebranding the company

Verdict: Build a new one

A successful rebrand needs a fresh start. If the business is going well and you’re expanding, a new web presence that reflects this success is just what you need. Remaking an older website will require a lot of work, both on the front and back ends. Starting with a new site will make sure everything, from the logo to the code, tells the new story of your business to customers and search engines.

You’re not being found by search engines

Verdict: Depends on the circumstancesphone google

Google’s algorithms are always getting smarter, reading every inch of websites for information they think will be relevant to potential audiences. New content and information need to be added regularly, written with search engine terms and code features.

You can work with an older website to make it more attractive to search engines, but if the situation is bad enough, remaking the site might be a necessity. The code is as important to the returns as your content, and experienced web designers can help make the most of it! And of course, let us know if you need help assessing, updating and maintaining your website.

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