10 Motivator Tips to Get Your Work Done

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Call it a push, a motivator, a kick in the butt, whatever – everyone, from the top CEOs to the newest interns, needs an extra something to get their “stuff” done. Maybe it’s weekly, maybe it’s daily, but no one is immune to the office blahs.


So what can you do when that “Hang in there, baby!” cat poster just isn’t cutting it anymore? Here are some tips that could get you through that mid-day malaise.


1. Know what you want to accomplish


Sit down and look at what you have to achieve, with clear goals in mind. But don’t put too much on your plate. Staring down mountains of work only creates indecision, and might paralyze you from getting more done.


2. Split your time wisely


Clearly define what you need to get done, and when it needs to be done. Try not to take on too much; it can lead to weak work and easy mistakes.


3. Make a list


Put everything into a list, and do it however you want: you can start with your most important, pressing deadlines, or tackle easy items. Crossing things off a list can be an excellent motivator, and that feeling of accomplishment can get you moving on to other things.


4. Keep a motivator on your desk


Maybe it’s a picture of your partner, your kids, or that awesome speedboat you’re saving up for. A tangible reminder of why you do what you do can work wonders as a motivator.


5. Go hard with some music


Maybe it’s some metal or hip-hop you listened to back in college; maybe it’s that Katy Perry earworm you heard on your way to work. Whatever gets your head bopping, pop those headphones in and turn it up. Maybe you can get away with playing it loud in your own office – if you don’t have that office, make it your goal!



6. Get rid of the garbage on your desk


Keep the photos, but get rid of all those random papers, candy bar wrappers, paper clips, and whatever office ephemera is clogging up your workspace. A cluttered desk can lead to a cluttered mind! Replace them with cool action figures. Remind yourself – and everyone else – that you’re a cool nerd who gets things done.


7. Just…start


We can’t really say it any other way. There’s no special hint, secret, tip, or trick we can parlay to you on this one, and no listicle, GIF, or funny poster will do your work for you. Do your best! Go!


8. Close your computer for like, two minutes.


Staring at a computer screen and flitting between fifteen different tabs, windows, Word documents and Excel spreadsheets can frazzle any brain. Turn off your monitor or close your laptop for a couple of minutes, and stare out a window. Play with your action figures. Make an unnecessary trip to the water cooler. Reset your brain!


9. Take a walk


Another great way to recharge those taxed neurons. Commune with nature (or the neighbourhood) and take a walk. Fresh air can clear your mind, and it’s a great way to step back and get yourself going again.


Treat Yourself it's a great motivator10. Reward yourself


Have a planned Friday treat. Indulge in a donut or cinnamon bun from that bakery down the street. Buy yourself a beer. You made it through another week, and why not give yourself a pat on the back?


Don’t worry about next week – keep your eyes on that Friday treat!

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