10 Reasons to Consider Website Updates

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The dynamic world of the Internet is making the website one of the most important promotional tools for small businesses. It’s also constantly making websites outdated. If you haven’t considered website updates or budgeted money for web design since the introduction of Flash, here are ten reasons why you should be making it a priority in 2018!

The Web Design Tech Is Outdated

It’s 2018 – your website should be mobile responsive, have its backend SEO optimized, and should be updated for usability. It should also have relevant, up-to-date keywords and fresh, original content that will lead people from Google to your site. The best tools should be used, and you should have the infrastructure in place for these tools to be effective when you need them!

Your Website Is Slow

Load time is one of the biggest determinants for keeping people’s attention, but if your site has too many unnecessary bits and pieces, it can really slow it down. It’s probably not even the elements you can see; HTML coding can have many parts that don’t really do anything, but still bog down how visitors download your elements. A full update can ensure that your speeds are as high as possible.

The Web Writing Is Bad

It’s not even grammar or spelling errors (though those shouldn’t be there, either); you need to use calls to action, clever wording, and accurate product descriptions that really make people want your product or service. It’s not only human eyes reading your website, too: Google algorithms also comb through your site, and it will favour well-written content on relevant sites in the returns. Speaking of which…

Your Website Content Is Old

Having useful information is good, but the most useful information is what the visitor can use today. Even if you think your service is timeless (and it probably is!), visitors can really tell when content hasn’t been updated in a while. Google can, too!

You Don’t Know What Your Website Visitors Are Doing

Do you have the bounce rate of your website? The β€œbounce rate” is the percentage of visitors who leave your site without continuing to another page. If you don’t know this information, you won’t know what visitors actually want. Bounce rate is just one metric. Do you know where your visitors are located? Do you know what’s leading them to your site? Are they new or returning? These are all things you should know, and if you don’t have the tools in place to measure them, your site could use the help.

Your Website Only Displays Basic Business Information

Visitors who come to your site expecting forms, prices, and services will leave disappointed if all they see is your times and address in white text on a black background. Even if you don’t want to expand it too much, more information displayed in a contemporary layout is always better and reflects the professionalism of your business.

Every Website Photo Is A Stock Photo

Original content is one of the most important things to ensure higher placement on search engine returns, but most people heavily rely on the free things they can pull from the web. Search engines don’t like seeing too much of the same thing; what they love is original pictures and videos, and you can easily update your site with new pictures!

There’s No Branding Consistency in Your Website Updates

There are three different fonts on the homepage, there’s no colour scheme, and every page has a different layout. Upgrade by picking a look and layout and sticking with them – it’ll do wonders for your brand and business!

It Has An Old Web Design Theme

Layouts and colour schemes age like any other part of webΒ design and your website should be upΒ with the times. The Geocities look should be left in the past, and nowadays you better have a dynamic system like WordPress behind it to drive your content into the future. You wouldn’t be caught dead wearing pink leg warmers and a thick neon scrunchie, right? Upgrade your site as often as you upgrade your style!

You’re not attracting any business

You have the website, but you’re not seeing more orders. A website should work for you, and there’s no sense in paying for a domain when it doesn’t. If you don’t really know anything beyond the drag-and-drop world of DIY web design and are stuck on ideas, come to SlyFox to expand your web presence in an effective, affordable way. Upgrading never felt easier!


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