Three Ways to Spend Your Remaining Marketing Budget For 2020


After crunching the numbers, you might find yourself with a bit of a surplus in the old marketing budget. You can make the most of this opportunity by using this money to build a solid foundation for 2021! Here are three ways to spend your remaining marketing money to strengthen your promotions in the new year and beyond.

Boost Your Existing Advertising

As the year comes to a close, the year-end stats and reports from your website and social media profiles might be putting a smile on your face. Even if you are happy with the conversions and hits your current content is getting, a little more promotion never hurt any campaign!Β 

If you have some effective advertisements on a few different channels, you could use that extra bit of your budget to boost the messaging in which you have invested. Whether it’s already thriving or needs a few more dollars to make it effective, putting some of your surplus money into existing marketing at the end of the year could set it up for success in January!

Whether increasing your paid search spending or launching a new social campaign, advertising can help bring in leads faster and more efficiently. There’s no better way to start a new year than by following solid customer leads!Β 



Create Some Evergreen Content!

If you have some remaining green in your 2020 budget, why not try and make some new content? We’re not talking about putting a couple of bucks behind a text post on Facebook – we’re talking about evergreen content. This type of content is search-optimized and formulated to stay relevant and β€œfresh” year-round – much like an evergreen tree!Β 

marketingEvergreen content is both high quality and timeless, and it will benefit your small business’s website for a long time, even after a short-term leads boost. Well-written articles that give tips and advice, listicles, how-to guides, reviews, and videos can boost your search engine optimization. Making website content in these formats does not make a piece of content evergreen, but these kinds of posts tend to stay greener for longer.Β 

Think about the kind of content that won’t lose its luster in the future and invest your budget in something you might otherwise consider out of your range. Some ideas include promotional or behind-the-scenes videos or a professionally-written guide to one of your products or services. When it takes your keyword tactics into account, evergreen content can enhance your website’s user experience and improve your SEO standing!



Invest In Some New Marketing ToolsΒ 

Have you been eyeing a new social media tool or service that you think will improve your marketing efforts in 2021? Have you finished every available demo and free trial and want to get the most out of a tool that’s proven to be useful? The full or premium versions of programs like HootSuite and Google Trends can be ideal places to invest what’s left of your 2020 marketing budget.Β 

As you move into Q1, these tools can save you time, improve the value of every post, and help you figure out what messages are resonating with your audiences. They might save you some money in your 2021 marketing budget!

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