Why Do I Need A Linkedin Profile And Company Page?

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media sites in Canada. A good portion of working Canadians have an account, second only to Facebook! LinkedIn provides small business owners with many chances to promote and network with like-minded people. A LinkedIn profile and business profile are just like the differences between Facebook’s business and personal pages! You can use the two profiles together to improve your experience and engage with more LinkedIn users!

Which Is More Effective?

Despite being well-known as the social media for “business,” few people actually engage with companies on LinkedIn. Research has shown that only 9% of Canadians follow businesses on the site. Unsurprisingly, people prefer interacting with other people rather than businesses, and responses from a logo often feel impersonal. You can’t even send a connection request to prospects through your company page. This doesn’t allow an increase in engagement, especially if it is low on your page.

Personal profiles are more active, too. LinkedIn company pages are not able to connect with targeted prospects, have conversations, and develop relationships the same way as a personal profile. The magic of social media has always been the relationships you develop through them, and that’s never going to change. You’ll have to adjust your strategy to it instead.

Almost everyone uses business profiles passively, and this makes sense. A business profile by itself misses that human element everyone desires, making a properly branded personal LinkedIn profile the best option. However, a LinkedIn page for your business is still important, and you can use it to make your personal profile even better!

Why Does My Company Need A LinkedIn Profile?

Despite not having the appeal of a well-branded personal profile, you should still set up a LinkedIn account for your small business:Β 

  • It makes your company look professional: A company of any size can profit from having its own LinkedIn profile because it adds credibility. If a potential customer or stakeholder looks for your company page and doesn’t find it, you might lose some respect.
  • It makes your page look professional, too!: If you and your employees have your small business listed on personal LinkedIn accounts, the business account will give a logo to accompany that experience. Otherwise, the logo just looks like a grey box, which can make your page look less legit.Β 
  • You can target ads on LinkedIn: A company page can post status updates and share articles that target a specific audience. You can create ads and target specific users through Target Audience Settings. While promotional posts on LinkedIn are more expensive than other social media platforms, the business-minded approach can get your message in front of people who typically don’t use Facebook or Twitter.Β 

As you can see, having a business account that you and your employees can link up creates more opportunities than a personal profile by itself. While the business page adds legitimacy to your small business, use your personal profile to connect with others and reshare content from your business page.

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