How WordPress SEO Works

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Search engine optimization, or SEO, is an incredibly valuable tool for online marketing. As the name suggests, effective use of SEO makes all the content on your site more attractive to search engines like Google, raising your profile on search results and driving more traffic to your website.

For many sites, incorporating it can be a real headache, but WordPress has made SEO much easier and more effective. It’s the content management system (CMS) we use at SlyFox because we can make its details work for small businesses. It’s how we help you compete with the big players, and believe us, big companies use WordPress religiously!

How WordPress SEO Works

london web development, websites londonDid you know that WordPress runs more than 30% of the Internet? Companies from the BBC to Disney know its power, but it’s great for small businesses, too. This is because one of the central components of WordPress is also one of the biggest gains for any SEO strategy: it all starts with the code. WordPress is coded to follow the best practices for SEO, giving your site an excellent head start.

It’s not enough to rely on the code, however; WordPress is just the best tool for the job, and you have to know how to use it. Fortunately, every part of the site is designed to be SEO-friendly, and while it follows the same optimization β€œrules” as any other CMS, it makes these rules much easier to incorporate. This is because WordPress is open source, meaning the source code is open and free for anyone to play around with.

By being open-source software, WordPress can make more modifications and enhancements available. This is why you’ll see hundreds of different β€œplugins” available, often for free, on their site. A plugin is a small bit of software that contains a group of functions which can be seamlessly added to any website using the WordPress CMS. These plugins can increase the functionality of or add new features to your site, and this includes making your website optimized for search engines.

Why We Use WordPress

WordPress is often thought of like a blog site, but it has expanded its abilities to host every type of website. This is because the site is built with SEO in mind; it’s one of the company’s most marketable assets, and why wouldn’t it be? With plugins like SEO Yoast, adding important details like an SEO title, meta description, and meta keywords to each post and page of your site is incredibly easy.

One great example of WordPress’s devotion to SEO is found in the very start of the web-building process because search engine visibility on this CMS begins with a checkwordpress logo mark. WordPress has an option that lets us hide your website from search engines, and while it might sound silly, it allows us to work on your website before it is ready for public eyes. It also makes it easy for your development team to make SEO-friendly URLs that clearly contain words that explain the page’s content to both humans and search engines.

When it comes to SEO, WordPress is the best content management system in the game. It makes it easy for small businesses to compete, and because it’s open source, it’s a more cost-effective website solution, too! Contact us to learn more.

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