SlyFox Mentions: Scizzorhands in Business London

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SlyFox and Business London have enjoyed an outstanding connection over the past several months and we’re eager to show another feature! For May, we had the opportunity to present our fabulous and stylish clients known as Scizzorhands Salon & Spa. This feature was published in the May 2019 issue and showcased owners Alaina and Nadina’s lifetime of hair and salon management experience as well as their recent takeover of this prestigious local institution.

We briefly showcase some of the techniques that SlyFox used to design their website and continue to improve their online marketing presence. Check out the feature here or read the embed below:

Our recent Business London article featuring Scizzorhands discussed the foundation of Scizzorhands by their mother and long-time owner Glynis and the steady reputation growth throughout the city. The successful salon continues to enhance and foster their progressive salon outlook which is why they were a perfect match to partner with SlyFox on their internet marketing endeavours! After planning and deploying a website redesign they focused on improving local citations, My Business and Maps management to succeed in local search rankings. As well, they invested in and took advantage of social media marketing tactics to engage their current and prospective clients on Facebook and Instagram. We’re so happy to have them as clients and look forward to lots of success in the future!

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