Six Reasons To Say Yes To WordPress

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When it comes to building a website, there are a lot of different choices you can make. You could choose a platform made for shopping, one that has drag-and-drop simplicity, or build something from scratch. You could also choose a platform that provides all these things and so much more. WordPress is that choice, and it could do many awesome things for your potential site!

There are a number of reasons why WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) on the Internet. Here are six of them!


WordPress is free


It’s free in both the sense that it’s free to download, use, and modify to yourΒ heart’s desire, but it’s also free as in freedom. It’s an open source project that allows anyone to play around with the code, and everything is the product of the love and devotion of thousands of developers who worked together to make WordPress what it is today.

While it’s initially free to use, there might be some costs associated with building a site to your specifications, especially if you want it to look as professional as possible. But the freedom behind it allows you or a digital media specialist to build a fantastic, cost-effective product with a lot of awesome perks.


WordPress makes SEO easy

Choosing a super SEO-friendly platform will pay dividends later. By choosing WordPress, everything about your site will be driven with search engines in mind. The code used by WordPress makes it especially attractive to algorithms, and there are also a number of SEO-related plugins that can make your site even more search engine friendly.


WordPress is mobile responsive


Mobile responsive sites are incredibly important, because more than half of internet users access the Web through smartphones or tablets. You’ll want your site to adapt quickly and painlessly, creating an easy, positive experience for people searching on their phones for your service.

This is what makes WordPress a great choice. So many of the themes on WordPress will be mobile responsive, without major backend work on your part. If you’re on the platform already, you might be mobile responsive already! If it’s not, choose a new mobile-responsive theme, or use the tools WordPress gives you to make one yourself!


It makes it easy to blog

This is what WordPress is best known for, as it started out as a simple blogging platform. Even though it’s moved on to bigger, better things, blogging has remained an important part of this popular CMS. The ease of use is good, too, because a blog should be an important part of your small business website!

Blogging enhances your site’s search engine optimization (SEO). Fresh, regular content with a lot of keywords can raise your profile on Google, because the algorithms will think you’re an authority on your chosen subject. This can drive traffic to your site and thus customers to you!


WordPress has built-in user roles

Have a lot of different people who need access to the backend of your site? WordPress’ role management allows you to allow and restrict access to certain parts based on what they need to do.

The Administrator role can assign roles to anyone in the office based on their authority; they can be made an editor, author, contributor, or subscriber. In line with much else on WordPress, you can even create new, customized roles and define their access. Which brings us to our last, and maybe the most important, point…


It’s easy to customize!


The worry for many, when they hear of WordPress, is that it’s a blogging platform, and will look like one. While it began as a blogging system, it has long since been redesigned to allow laypeople to make professional-looking sites.

The WordPress is open source with tens of thousands of plugins that can help you achieve anything your website needs to achieve, from slideshows to increased SEO. Combined with the ease with which even regular people can use it, WordPress is an extremely flexible host for your site.

Versatility and simplicity is what WordPress is a great choice to meet a wide variety of needs, especially if your needs are cost-effective. If you want a slick-looking site that’s also user-friendly, the team of experts at SlyFox can put something together that will definitely attract attention!

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