How DIY Websites Hurt Your Bottom Line

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The advent of e-commerce and web presence has lead to an interesting and seemingly convenient service: do-it-yourself website builders. Most include a number of templates, drag and drop widgets, and text options. Heck, some builders even let you customize your domain name. At a time when it’s pretty much mandatory to have a website for your company, these builders might seem like a great idea.


They’re not.


It’s important to understand what a website is. It’s more than a logo, a business card, or a resume. It’s all of these things and so much more. A website not only represents your business, it can become another integral part of it. Visitors can turn into customers, and they are more likely to do that if your website looks great and is as intuitive as possible.


This is where DIY websites can hurt more than help. Templates don’t do as much as you’d like them to do, especially when you’re not well versed in website building. The options provided to you are limited, and anything you might want can cost a lot of extra money. The final product often turns out amateurish, and won’t provide all the services your website possibly could. A website has to be able to expand and grow as your business expands and grows. DIY websites don’t give you many options to expand into other areas. In short, they’re wasted potential.


DIY websites

Getting the most out of a website means not just having resources built into the site, either. It means measuring response, seeing what works, what doesn’t work, and being able to adapt to what your visitors want. Most laypeople don’t understand what backlinks, search engine optimization, or mobile responsive are, let alone how to effectively use them. When you’re running a business and, on top of that, have to run an effective website, it can be impossible to keep up. This can make your website unsuccessful, and your investment a waste of time and money.


There’s no reason to add an extra burden that won’t be as great as it possibly could. DIY websites provide a subpar product that take up precious time. It might sound immodest, but the building of a website is best left to the professionals. If one of us had a flooded basement, the good people here at SlyFox would contact a drainage company. We know experts do the best possible job; this does not exclude website building, no matter what these DIY services say!web design trends


Going with a digital media and marketing company to take care of website needs means you’re getting a lot more than a simple website. A good company can take care of growth, measure response, and write copy that is SEO-friendly and will attract traffic to your site. Traffic means business, and a bad website can scare away this potential business.


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