TruLOCAL: Truly A #SmallBusinessThatRocks

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When we first heard about TruLOCAL on social media, we were intrigued as we do try to eat a healthy ketogenic diet in our household, which usually includes hormone free, grass fed meat (not easy to find locally).Β  We are all about supporting local so… based on the name and location alone, we ordered a box of meat (yes, a subscription box full of meat).

We filmed the unboxing of our box that came in on Valentine’s Day.Β  Take a peek and see if we got all we had hoped for.Β  Pay close attention for a coupon code to add freebies to your first box!

TruLOCAL is a startup located in Cambridge that connects Ontario meat suppliers and farms to Ontario consumers.Β  All orders are placed online through their website and are shipped anywhere in Ontario, for free.Β  They do work on a point system (a small box is 9 points and a large box is 20 points) and points are redeemable for different cuts of meat.Β  It is like building your own subscription box.Β  There is no time commitment and if you enjoy the taste and want more, just log in and click.Β  Easy as pie!

This is the first company that offers online ordering in small packages, as opposed to the 1-2 year long contracts and bulk orders.Β  They strive to help Ontario farmers branch out and get their product in the hands of consumers that are not necessarily in their immediate vicinity.Β  Of course, this also helps us, as consumers to try the product from all over the province.

As we know as a digital marketing firm, online is where it’s at.Β  TruLOCAL opens up this revenue stream to farmers who may not have an online presence otherwise.

local businessThey have appeared on Dragon’s Den as well recently.Β  Want to know if they got a deal?Β  Be sure to watch the clip to find out.

And the taste is truly unique and quite good!Β  We did not understand how much difference in taste there can be in high-qualityΒ meat as opposed to the standard grocery store cuts.Β  They just may have spoiled us for all others…


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