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You are the most important person in your life.

Stay with me…Β  I know that for many of us, we are usually a few rungs down on the personal priority ladder. Its natural to feel and believe that the actual most important person is your child, children, spouse, parent, but no- the common denomination of those loving relationships is you. In order to help your loved ones be at their best, you’ve got to be at your best, and that often starts with taking some dedicated time solely for your benefit. As Amy Sussex, owner of #SmallBusinessThatRocks Revive as Wellness wisely says β€œyou can’t pour from an empty cup”…

Many of us resist the opportunity to be taken care of;Β  we enjoy control and are simply more comfortable in the role of the caregiver than care-receiver. Sometimes we can get so used to this dynamic that we wear ourselves thin. Often, this is when people seek help; when they’re at their breaking point. Enjoying time and space to relax is a great first step in transitioning from reactive self-care to proactive self-care. Amy beganΒ Revive as Wellness with the goal of supporting individuals by offering solutions to help them live a more healthy, happy and present life.Β  With recognizedΒ qualifications from the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists and the Reflexology Council of Ontario, Amy provides Aroma Massage, Reflexology, and custom rollerballs, designed intuitively or specific to your needs and preferences. With these simple practices integrated, her clients enjoy a supportive, inspiring, and positive environment that fosters well-being.


We were tasked with the project of supporting this goal in the online realm and couldn’t be more proud of the result. The site’s aesthetic utilizes tranquil colors, clean lines, and is easily navigable. Readers are invited to learn about Amy, the company, and their services as they browse. If you have questions about aroma massage, reflexology, and essential oils, get answers to the most common wonderings on their FAQs page. If you have a question that isn’t listed, connect instantly with Revive as Wellness via on-site Facebook Messager integration. OfΒ course, you’re always welcome to contact them via their contact form.Β  In addition, as a registered reseller, you can purchase doTerra oils from a portal linked directly to her site. If you’d like to book a service, it couldn’t be easier with their online booking calendar. Simply select your desired service and date to schedule yourself some much deserved ‘me-time’.Β 


One of our favorite aspects of this site is their Insight Card page, which integrates cards, created by Jennifer Jeffries, that are used to explore the therapeutic physical and emotional benefits of aromatherapy. Let your intuition be your guide and select cards to build your custom aromatherapy blend. To gain access to the meaning behind the cards, all you have to do is subscribe to their newsletter and receive an instantly downloadable pdf. Or, schedule an appointment with Revive as Wellness to learn in-person as they create your rollerball. This is a service that they provide to businesses, something we at SlyFox were so generously treated to (with great reviews from our staff!) We each enjoyed a few moments just to ourselves as we selected our cards, learned the meaning and benefits of the selected oils and how it relates to our current goals and challenges, and received a beautifully prepared rollerball containing our selected oils. I keep mine at my desk and use it whenever I feel like I need a moment to refocus, or whenever I simply want to smell something beautiful and created just for me. We cannot recommend this service enough, and you can easily schedule your corporate event or personal service directly on their site.

Wellness comes from a variety of places, whether it the food we eat, the way we move throughout the world, or the small habits we engage in, but the central pillar is a mindful effort to care for and support ourselves. When we feel good its easier to notice the amazing things in the world that contribute to our happiness. Happiness shouldn’t be a privilegeΒ enjoyed by a select few, it’s something we’re all entitled to.Β  The trick isn’t just figuring out what it is that brings you joy but prioritizing yourself and recognizing that you are not an easily overlookable footnote.Β  So, if you’re noticing that your proverbial cup is getting low, be sure to check out the products and services provided by Revive As Wellness. You are the most important person in your life. Embrace it and lose the guilt. You and your loved ones will notice the difference.



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