SlyFox Mentions: Tips on Handling Difficult Clients

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This month, our SocialFox was featured in a Work At HomeΒ Success expert tips article on dealing with difficult clients. And it’s such a relevant read for any entrepreneur in any industry! The stresses of daily commerce work both ways and it’s crucial to have empathy and patience as part of your regular business practices. Michelle talks a bit about re-framing difficult behaviour. Read her quote below and take a look at the full article here.

Five experts from different work at home industries were asked to explain their methods for dealing with stressful clients. Here’s our answer:

I advise looking the situation from theΒ clients point of view before becoming too frustrated. What are theirΒ goals, deadlines, struggles, possible struggles and see if this can helpΒ you re-frame their difficult behaviour. If this doesn’t work, take a deep breathe, take a walk and calm down before responding if the situationΒ allows. Offer a solution that benefits both parties. If things cannot beΒ resolved or the customers is unwilling to resolve things, this is the timeΒ to part ways, respectfully.

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