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How many hours a week do you spend caring for your nutritional needs? 5? 10? 20 hours?

The average person spends 15 hours a week grocery shopping and preparing meals. That’s nearly 2 whole work-days spent on fulfilling nutritional requirements. Β 

That is a lot of time in today’s hyper-paced reality.

Often, when we’re busy, stressed, or unwell our diets are one of the first things to take a hit. We resort to quick meals that are often unhealthy, unsatisfying, and lacking the nutrients we need. We are all aware of the costs associated with these poor dietary practices and, like so many others, we know our dietary habits could use a little revamping. That’s why we were so excited to meet Food and Go, a local #SmallBusinessThatRocks.


Live Your Best Life


Sausage and Vegetable dish

Food and Go was created with a simple mission: to help people experience more of their lives, doing what they love while eating healthily. This #SmallBusinessThatRocks provides freshly made meals, delivered right to your doorstep twice a week for maximum safety and freshness. Each week a new menu is created full of delicious meals made with wholesome ingredients, often locally sourced, designed to make you feel healthier and more energized. Meals are prepared in either individual or family portions. Catering services are also available if you have a large event to prepare for or are simply looking for something in particular.


Deliciously Local


With Food and Go, convenience does not come at the cost of taste. Each meal is carefully prepared, using the highest quality ingredients, ensuring nutrition and portion control. As regular customers, we can vouch for just how convenient and delicious it is. But don’t just take our word for it, check out these amazing reviews.

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Conveniently Healthy


Butter Chicken and NaanFood and Go is not only about food, it’s a lifestyle – ensuring that you reach your nutritional goals while living your best life. This service is the perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones. Anyone can benefit from locally prepared, fresh, and nutritionally balanced meals: Β professionals, new parents, busy families, seniors, those seeking to lose weight, and those who are coping with limited mobility or restrictive health conditions.

Recently,Β  Food and Go launched their new website – complete with online ordering – making it even easier to eat healthily. Check out Food and Go and enjoy delicious and convenient local fare while supporting a #SmallBusinessThatRocks.



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