#SmallBusinessThatRocks : Currys & Grill

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If you ask someone what their favourite food is, there is a good chance that it’ll be something homemade, often served with a side a happy nostalgia. No matter where you’re from or where you are, there is nothing like home-cooking. You can taste the care taken in preparation and the culinary and family histories…

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#SmallBusinessThatRocks – Food and Go

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How many hours a week do you spend caring for your nutritional needs? 5? 10? 20 hours? The average person spends 15 hours a week grocery shopping and preparing meals. That’s nearly 2 whole work-days spent on fulfilling nutritional requirements.   That is a lot of time in today’s hyper-paced reality. Often, when we’re busy,…

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#smallbusinessthatrocks is Fueled This Week by Wally’s!

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[ctt template=”5″ link=”VAcnr” via=”no” ]You can’t buy happiness but you can eat at Wally’s and that’s kind of the same thing.[/ctt] This week’s SlyFox staff pick for #smallbusinessthatrocks is our go-to lunch spot:  Wally’s Coffee,  SOHO’s hidden treasure coffee shop, tucked one block in from Wellington on Waterloo Street on the main floor of the Victoria Professional…

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#SmallBusinessThatRocks: Menu For Your Venue

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[ctt template=”5″ link=”6MbAb” via=”no” ]Eating is a necessity, but cooking is an art.[/ctt] We recently had the pleasure of enjoying a catered birthday dinner courtesy of Chef Andrew Torok.  The combination of breaded, deep fried cauliflower with Sriracha dip and Cabbage Roll casserole was to die for.  When we came up with our weekly feature…

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