SlyFox Mentions: Facebook Pages Now Able To Join Groups

traffic jam media - SlyFox Web Design and Marketing

Recently, Facebook made the decision to finally allow business owners and organizations of all sorts to join the private conversations going on in Groups. This long-awaited development is going to help more businesses reach out to fans and potential customers in a more intimate forum. Here’s a quote we gave for a news roundup on Traffic Jam Media. Read all about it below.

Both user profiles and Facebook Pages can join the conversations going on in the wildly popular Facebook Groups format. This is great news! Now marketing agencies like us and the clients and we represent can add more targeted engagement to our repertoire. Check out the quote we provided to this article below:

“This is a good way for businesses to get on top of the so-called “dark social” effects on campaigns. If you’re suffering from problems with engagement and reach you can take a more direct and proactive approach to social.”

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