SlyFox is the Best Choice! Here’s why… in Fox Gifs

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Our work reflects our professionalism and drive, but you might wonder: why the name SlyFox? Sure, our name comes from a family joke – our little dachshund had a beloved toy fox we named “Sly Fox” – but we see the similarities with real foxes more and more every day.


What better way to demonstrate this than by seeing foxes in action? Here’s why you should choose SlyFox for your web design needs, with a little help from foxes themselves.




Foxes Know Where The Business Is


Foxes have incredible senses, which let them see, hear, and smell exactly where food is, even in the dead of night. They know the subtle hints that lead them to food, and these incredible abilities help them and their families thrive in strange environments.


SlyFox has the senses necessary to get you business in the strange, strange world of digital marketing. Our digital design skills help us set your website and social media with search engine optimization, keyword searches, and pleasing aesthetics in mind. We know how to successfully layout, link, and market your website to ensure maximum exposure. It’s in our blood, really!


Foxes Help One Another


You might think foxes are solitary creatures. It’s true, a lot of the time they are, but they are always there to help each other. Female foxes help each other out, acting like “aunts” to young pups and getting experience. The father fox always provides food for his partner and pups during winter. They instinctively know that partnership is the key to survival.


At SlyFox, we have this instinct, too. Just like you, we’re entrepreneurs. We know how hard it is to get off the ground, how much work you need to put into everything, and what it takes to succeed. We’re committed to helping our fellow entrepreneurs with digital and office resources that take some of the pressure off and ensure your success.


Foxes Are Adaptive


The red fox is, according to science, “highly adaptive” (bet you didn’t think you’d read a scientific abstract today). It’s senses make it an animal very good at transitioning between urban and rural environments and adjusting its diet to wherever it is. It’s where the fox gets its reputation as a cunning creature.


We’re like that. It doesn’t matter what your business is, how many resources you have, whether your web presence is old or you’re just getting started. When it comes to digital marketing, we can do it all, and we can help you do it all.


Foxes Know What Works


There’s a fabulous Isaiah Berlin essay about a fox and a hedgehog, inspired by Greek myth. Berlin divides thinkers into two camps: hedgehogs, who view ideas through a single idea, and foxes, who draw from a variety of experiences and see the world through many different points of view. A fox knows many different things.


This is what makes SlyFox a true “fox.” We know many things, and we know how these things can help entrepreneurs looking to make it in the digital world. It’s not as simple as putting up a Facebook page and hoping your audience finds you – you have to go to that audience. We have the skills to get you to them, so you can expand and grow as a business.


Foxes Are Friendlyfoxes are friendly


We’d love to get to know you better! Connect with us and tell us what you need. We’ll be there to help you figure out digital solutions, and guide you through every step of your plan.

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