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Did you know that 3.2 billion people are now on the Internet? That’s 43% of the globe! It’s an incredible statistic that shows the reach and power of this constantly-rising medium. It also explains why so much is moving to the web, and this includes advertising through the means of online advertising.


Because so many people have Internet access – Canadians are some of the most “online” people on earth, with 88.5% of us having Internet access – online ads are more important than ever. They also give you more options than ever, letting people reach a wider, more targeted audience than they’d normally have access to.


In preparation for our June 14 Google Partners Event, here are some reasons online advertising works and how it can help your small business grow!


1. Target and Reach of Online Advertisingglobe - reach of online advertising


Based on where they live, what they’re searching for, and what they’ve searched for in the past, you can make a very specific pitch to potential customers. These ads show up as top results on Google, as banner ads on websites your potential audience visits, and many other places as they move through their search results.


Not only are you creating new customers, you’re spreading your message. Local small businesses can suddenly become household names, the first thing people think of when they need your specific service. Even if they’re not on all the key social media platforms, they’re definitely on Google and other search engines.


2. Cost


Online advertising is very cost effective, and lets you reach a much wider audience than most print media. Often times, online marketing’s return on investment is much, much better than any other medium, and can raise offline sales and traffic for a fraction of the cost.


This is what makes online marketing such a wonderful opportunity for growing businesses. Small businesses often don’t have the budget to compete with large, multinational companies and their multimillion dollar advertising campaigns; targeted online marketing can close the gap, bringing small businesses to the attention of people in their surrounding communities and notifying them that they have local options!


3. Much-needed dataPerson Checking Results


How do you know something works? For physical media, much of the time you have to wait for the physical returns to see if a message or campaign is working, and this could be too late if the campaign is a dud. The dynamic nature of online marketing, and the wealth of analytics you can get from it, can be a godsend for small businesses.


Online marketing lets you easily tweak a campaign that might not be working, change up targeted keywords, and adjust to new demographic information. We’ll know who to target, and how to get your message into new communities, earning new customers and expanding your business!


Want to learn more? Join SlyFox for our June 14 Google Partners Event! We’ll show you how online marketing can be a key part of small business growth. Sign up today!

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