Why Remarketing Works


If you’ve ever received attention for or a reaction to your ad, you may be inclined to think the work stops there – a member of your key audience responded, mission accomplished, it’s an effective ad, that’s that, right?

Wrong! While, of course you want them to respond, you also want them to keep coming back, to actually buy your product or service, and interact more fully with your website. Just showing an interest isn’t enough, because you can’t guarantee they’ll remember you (and there’s a lot to remember on the Internet). Remarketing is a tactic that could turn interest into actual dollars.

How it works is relatively simple: you’re choosing an audience that has already engaged with you, and you’re putting more ads in front of them as they browse the Internet. It could be anyone who came to your website for a certain period of time, anyone who put an item in a cart but didn’t check out, anyone who registered their email for more information or even did complete a transaction. Analyze the data and figure out who’s coming and what they could mean for your business.


If they meet the criteria and are indeed an audience to whom you’d like to reach out again, a cookie is added to their device, and they are placed on a list designated for remarketing. This audience can be people who visited a certain section looking for more information, filled out a form without completing it, or made it to the final purchase stage but pulled out before actually buying.  These are people who showed a keen interest in what you have to offer, but made a decision to leave your website without completing a sale. These are people you don’t want to get away.

This is why remarketing is so important. Turning potential customers into actual customers, in a cost effective way, is great for any business, and especially easy in the Internet business. Remarketing keeps you and your message in their line of sight as they continue browsing the Internet, reminding them of what your company or product has to offer.

Of course, there is specialization, as you shouldn’t be simply showing them your company name and slogan. The ads with which you are remarketing are very targeted, and show the audience what they were interested in in the first place. Ensure the ads that will follow potential customers are relevant to them and offer them some sort of inducement to come back. They could offer discount codes on the products they showed interest in, special pricing, and free shipping, anything that you’re willing to use to get the potential consumer back. The special lists that categorize the visitors will show them the messages over a period you desire, and you can track future interactions.remarketing

Remarketing is absolutely essential to online campaigns, and can tell you valuable information about who is coming to your site, how they are interacting with you, and how you can convert them into consumers. Tactics are different for everyone, so contact SlyFox to find out which one works for your business!



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