Why Moms Make Better Entrepreneurs

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What do genomics company “23andMe”, baby product staple “The Honest Co.” and ticket selling site “Eventbrite” have in common? They were all founded by moms! These are just three examples, as many hard-working mamas have been able to successfully juggle their family life and their entrepreneurial aspirations to achieve their dreams.


Does following in the footsteps of Jessica Alba sound intimidating? It shouldn’t! Moms are built to think big and succeed, all while getting their kids to soccer practice and ballet. Here are five reasons why moms make for great entrepreneurs!


Moms Know Scheduling

For busy moms, keeping to a schedule is everything. Many have to pick up their kids from school, get them doing their homework, make dinner, cart them off the soccer practice, and make sure they’re growing up healthy and happy. You can’t do this without a strict timetable that everyone – including mom – has to follow!

Many young entrepreneurs have the will and ideas, but not some of the key skills desperately needed to succeed: how to spend their time and keep everyone on their schedules. Moms know all too well that a well-oiled machine needs a well-thought-out schedule, and this knowledge is great for running a business.


Moms Know How to Hustle


The life of a mom is pretty much exactly that of people in business. Multitasking is one of the basic skills moms have to perfect in order to keep everyone in line. This requires a certain focus and will to get everything done, while making the most of precious hours to relax and unwind.

In short, moms know how to hustle! This hustle is often rewarded in the entrepreneur world, and you can use the ability to carve out time to make some room for business.


Moms are Tough


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Business success is often made in the boardroom, hammering out and negotiating to get what you want. Succeeding requires empathy, creativity, and passion, sure, but getting things done also requires iron will and determination. It requires knowing what you want and negotiating for it.

Moms strike the perfect balance between empathy and determination. They know how to make children feel better, but they also know how to get children to do what they’re told. They know how to deal with their kids, their partner, and the local PTA. Standing their ground is second nature!


Moms Know Emotional Involvement


Entrepreneurship isn’t easy. It requires an emotional investment and when things get difficult, it’s tempting to back out and give up. No small startup or small business goes perfectly smooth, and you need the right mentality going in for it to succeed.

But raising a family is so much tougher because there is no backing out when things get tough. You power through and do what you need to do, sacrificing for the ones you love. There’s an inherent emotional involvement, against which everything pales in comparison. Next to this, entrepreneurship is nothing!


Moms Naturally Have the Training!


All the skills needed to run a small business just come naturally to mamas from every walk of life. Being an entrepreneur means using time wisely, making good decisions for a team, staying on task, and being an inspiring leader. These are all skills that moms the world over use every day, and they can move these into founding great businesses that grow and succeed.

If you’re a mom with a dream, don’t be afraid to jump into the world of entrepreneurship. You have the skills to make it happen!

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