Top Website Widgets

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Do you ever visit a website and wonder how all the little aspects work? Widgets are applications that are embedded into the body of the website. Widgets can be clocks, video players, contact forms, slideshows, currency converters, subscription systems, point systems, search bars and much more! Anyone can install widgets on their website and almost anything is possible! So which ones should you try?

Email Marketing

There are many email subscription systems but MailChimp takes the prize for the best free tool. Email marketing systems can give you real contact management, templates, automation, and analytics. Using an email marketing system can be a greatΒ way to notify all of your customers about coupons, events or deals!

Social Media

You can integrate your own social media into your website. There are widgets like β€œAddThis” that enable website visitors to share your content. When you include this type of widget you can direct people to all of your social media pages instantly. You can also have your own social media feed played as a gallery on your website.

Booking and Calendarssettings button and icon with hovering cursor

Whether you own a restaurant, are a personal trainer or offer a service you will benefit from this widget. Using widgets like β€œOpenTable”, β€œBookingBug” or β€œEventbrite” can be super helpful. You can set reservations and set appointments that are customized. You can even create an event and embed a widget on your website to sell tickets to your event with just a click of the mouse.

Customer Service

If you own a small business, hiring call representatives can be quite expensive, so taking advantage of live chat is a great way to provide better customer service. You can implement widgets to directly chat through your site or even through Facebook messenger!


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