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After discovering Prints on Pine through a local networking initiative, SlyFox staff was so excited about the purchases they made from them that they knew you would be too! Β Local London Business, Prints On Pine went live July 2014 and has since been steadily gaining popularity online, in the Forest City and surrounding areas.

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The Prints on PineΒ Facebook page has over 2.2k fans and a solid 5-star rating. Jessica, from Prints on Pine says “I have been making these types of items for over 10 years, but only giving them as gifts. I wavered about whether I was going to actually pursue taking orders, and see if there was an interest outside of my circles. There is a real vulnerability with going public and showcasing your ideas – the fear of judgment and failure, it can be terrifying.” Jessica credits the decision to move forward with Prints On Pine to those closest to her, “I feel very lucky to have a quality support network of people surrounding me who really encourage and believe in my abilities as an artist. They have confidence in me even when I may not.”
prints on pine
The name, Prints On Pine is an exact representation of the type of service it offers; personalized photos (or prints), and custom rustic signs and games on pine. Jessica, who is entirely self-taught, specializes in mostly pine because it is durable and readily available. The idea is that Prints On Pine products are made to last. Jessica HAND CUTS and HAND PAINTS everything herself. You won’t find any fancy machinery here – everything she creates is done as a true labor of love. “I am really passionate about what I do, and every detail is crafted by me, made for you”.

Prints on PineJessica adds, “I had been searching for a certain fulfillment that was right in front of me all along. There are a lot of incredibly talented women in London and surrounding areas that played an important part in my motivation.”

The future opportunities for Prints On Pine are endless, and exciting, as long as Jessica still feels the joy in creating, she will continue to make quality items that will hang in family homes and admired for many years.

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