Five Inexpensive Ways To Add Wow Factor To Your Website

Often we’ll talk about appealing to Google with search engine optimization, but today, we’re focusing on the visitor! User experience is everything now, but you don’t just want your visitors to find your website easy to navigate – you want to make them say “wow!”Β 

Your wow factor can increase conversions, reduce bounce rates, and turn visitors into repeat customers. It doesn’t have to be expensive, either! Here are five cost-effective ways to add some spice to your website and impress every visitor.


Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is a website layout where the page’s background moves slower than the foreground, with some elements individually moving with the user as they scroll down your page. It creates a 3-D effect as they scroll, turning the simple act of scrolling into a much more engaging experience.

Used the right way, parallax design can provide a subtle depth to your site that will immerse them in a unique-feeling experience. The professional look can draw their eyes to your calls-to-action and create the feeling of movement for otherwise static images!



Instagram Plugins

Instagram plugins are incredibly easy to add to any website, and the results make sharing your content much more convenient. A plugin lets you enter your Instagram account ID; it will then display the latest photos from your account in an area of your website. It’s a great way to keep your portfolio automatically updated and accessible while also adding visual flair for the products or services you describe.



Images don’t just sell yourself – they can speak to the emotions and imagination of your visitors. To make it easier for them to find examples of your work, you can add galleries to site pages on top of your Instagram gallery. These add easy visual elements to your website that can stun visitors and provide them with a user-friendly viewing experience.Β 

On WordPress, you can find both free and paid gallery plugins to suit your needs – most of the work comes with taking original photos! You’ll enhance the user experience, create a feeling of trustworthiness, and give yourself an SEO boost in the process.



Flexible Typography

When you think about responsive design, the first part that comes to mind is the layout. Responsive design should be about the actual content because when text lines and paragraphs are too long, reading and navigating the site becomes slow and difficult. It’s why the font size should automatically adjust to different devices and resolutions.Β 

When designing your website, we can use dynamic-type techniques that keep text at a comfortable size. Glyphs – the individual characters within a font file – can have many different characteristics now, including scalability and CSS customizability. Don’t make your visitors zoom anymore!



Icons And Symbols

You can connect with audiences in the smallest details, and symbols help you achieve this. They might look small and feel unimportant, but they can help your audience as they quickly navigate your site. Over the years, designers have devised ways to maximize the impact of iconography on websites. The use of icons can help your website visitors find what they’re looking for much more quickly.Β 

With icons supporting your content, paragraphs and other text content become much more than giant globs of text; combined with dynamic typography, your site becomes easy to read and enjoyable to navigate. They might seem like tiny add-ons, but details matter – icons can go a long way in helping users understand what they’re seeing and reading, even on a subconscious level!

Getting a professional-looking, wow-inducing website doesn’t have to break your marketing budget! Many small details and layout options can improve how your website and SlyFox can help you choose the right ones for your needs.

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