10 Reasons To Hire a Social Media Manager

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Thinking of expanding your influence and bringing your business online? Social media is a logical first step, and people love it because it lets you control the marketing yourself.

But it’s still marketing, and it’s only as good as the team behind it! Before you sign your shop up for an account, consider these ten reasons why you should hire a professional social media manager to run your social media.


They’ll keep you from accidentally posting the wrong thing at the wrong time


Sometimes, you’re just not in tune with everyone else on the Internet. When something bad happens, you might be cued up with what you think is a great post, when really, it’ll land you in the bad posts Hall of Fame.Β 

Here’s one that caused aΒ serious ripple, tweeted the morning after a tragic shooting. It was probably Tweeted out automatically by a social media tool like Hootsuite, which shows that even if you know how to use a tool, you should know how to do it properly

Poorly timed tweet


Because social media is too important to put on the intern!

Let’s be real for a moment: your intern is there to learn your trade. While they should know the importance of marketing, they should have applied for a placement at a marketing agency to learn it!

Trying to feel your way through a social media plan might work for you, the proprietor of a business who knows your company’s ethos well enough, but the results of letting a new person at your Facebook account will be… less than desirable.


Your expertise is in something else

This is sort of point 2, part B: social media is not your fortΓ©! You’re an excellent craftsperson, a wonderful mechanic, the best violinist in the world… but these are all still different from social media. Β 

Social media isn’t just a side-part of your gig – it’s an integral part of a marketing plan. This means it’s crucial to have experience in it, and understand what works and what doesn’t. For the sake of your business, it’s probably best you don’t find out these lessons the hard way!

Do you know what β€œPeach” is? A social media manager does!


Peach might be an outdated reference – it’s another social sharing app, but it hasn’t been relevant since, well, ever – but a social media manager knows the new platforms. At one point, we all thought Twitter might be a passing fad, but now it’s one of the most popular sites on here.


How passionate about social media are you really?

Maintaining a Facebook page or a Twitter feed isn’t your first priority. It’s probably not even your second or third priority – I’d wager it ranks 36th or 37th, right after washing your lunch dishes and enjoying the newspaper on your break. When it’s reflective of your business, though, it should be run like your business – smart, helpful, and professional. It should thus be controlled by someone who runs it for a living!

Proper equipment makes a great campaign!

An Internet browser really shouldn’t be the only tool at your disposal. Some important gear includes high-quality cameras, proper lighting, Adobe editing software, and tools like Hootsuite to manage multiple accounts. Professional social media companies have all this stuff to ensure every message posted under your name is of the best quality! Speaking of all this professional-sounding stuff, consider this next point…

You’ll look cool

Well, β€œcool” is a relative term. But a quality, helpful, happy social media presence is not just good for an audience with questions – it’s good for an audience looking to make a choice! A polished online presence sets you apart, makes you look more professional, and gives potential customers a solid reason to trust your judgment over the competition.

Social media people know how to use the best GIFs Β 


GIFs are funny, they’re attractive, and what’s more, when used at the right time, they can really make for an extra engaging post! Using the wrong one, though, and your post will end up like this:

See? Funny! We say it correctly, too! (with a hard g, not like the peanut butter).

How do you respond to unfair criticism?

The first impulse most people have when they read negative comments about themselves online is to get mad. The second impulse is to respond angrily. If you’re a business, this is a bad decision 99% of the time.

The Internet is great, though, in that it’s 99% unfair criticism, especially for businesses. People love venting when they’ve had even a slightly negative experience. Hiring someone to run your social media gives you a buffer, taking the account out of your hands and preventing you from letting all your frustrations out in an impulsive, angry post that might turn off other customers. Let them see the best side of you!


Canadian businesses seem to hate using the Internet…

So strike while the iron is hot! Only 24% of businesses in Canada engage with their audiences daily on social media. Set yourself apart, be engaging, and hire someone to run your social media accounts!


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