Why 2020 Is The Year To Start Your Small Business

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How long have you been thinking about starting a small business? A couple of weeks? A few years? Your entire life? Well, you’re in luck, because a new decade is here, and 2020 – now – is when you should start pursuing that dream. Here’s why!

(Don’t wait for 2021 when some people think the actual new decade starts!)

2020 Should Be About Taking Control

hairdressers small business 2020 - slyfox web design & marketingThe biggest reason for starting a business is that you can take control of your working life. It could be the thing that breaks you free from the ordinary 9-to-5 routine and the start of a job you’ve always dreamt of doing. Running a small business will give you more control over when you work, how you schedule your day, when you take your breaks, when you can go to the gym, and so much more. 

In most instances, you’ll be doing a job you love, but even just being your own boss is a reward worth savouring. The opportunities have never been more accessible, too!


Consumers Want Convenience

prepared meals in 2020 - slyfox web design & marketingIn 2020 and beyond, consumers are going to want more availability and choice. It seems impossible, but humans have a knack for overcoming even the largest obstacles! This demand sets up many more opportunities for small businesses. As we spend more of our lives and the need for results become more immediate, our habits change, too. 

This is a big trend specifically in the world of food. Meal kits, prepared foods for special diets, and delivery services are becoming popular with people who don’t have the time to shop and prepare fresh, healthy meals. While not everyone has culinary interests or skills, it’s a good example of finding an opening in the increased and all-too-human desire for more convenience!


It Doesn’t Have To Be Full-Time!

Ideally, you’d make your dream job your full-time job, but you don’t have to start that way immediately. Small businesses don’t require your entire life these days; for many types, it’s not even an expectation! Side hustles are real, they’re common, and no one’s going to get on your case if you aren’t putting your full focus into it. You can make the dream work for you until you’re ready to jump into a full-time commitment. Besides, that has never been easier to do!


It Has Never Been Easier To Start And Succeed 

using technology to run your small business in 2020 - slyfox web design & marketingStarting a small business of any size has become easier to do in the last decade. The internet has expanded in leaps and bounds, giving average people more resources to use. From accepting payments to reaching new audiences online, it has never been easier to start a small business. Trends are making new markets more accessible, and these include e-commerce, the influence of online customer reviews, and increased mobile communication. 

SlyFox puts the tools you need to succeed within your grasp. With website development, hands-on success with SEO and keywords, and graphic design, we make it easy and affordable to take your small business to the next level and make your dreams come true. Set up a meeting and our team will show you how simple it can be!

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