#SmallBusinessesThatRock: Dr. Dwayne Jackson

Empowering Individuals through Science-based Health Strategies There’s a place where science and wellness converge to create a unique experience for those seeking a healthier lifestyle: Dr. Dwayne Jackson. This is where individuals who are looking to enhance their well-being through evidence-based health strategies go. What makes Dr. Dwayne Jackson’s health and fitness practice unique? Unlike…

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#SmallBusinessThatRocks: Diet and Wellness

More people want their food and wellness products to help them lead healthier, more balanced lives. But finding products that are just right in a conventional grocery store is challenging, and you could just forget about finding a variety of them – that is, before Diet & Wellness Health Food Store opened its doors and…

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#SmallBusinessThatRocks: Michelle Westgarth Wellness Coach

slyfox mascot holding weight - SlyFox Web Design and Marketing

As the year comes to an end we often find ourselves evaluating the past year; thinking about what went great, what could have gone better, and what we want to achieve in the coming year. New Years Day may only be one day on our calendar, but its symbolism is undeniable. It’s a fresh start.…

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