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SlyFox and Business London have enjoyed outstanding media relationship success over the past several months and we’re excited to show you yet another feature! This time we’re proud to showcase one of our cornerstone clients the well known and community recognized C & V Income Tax Services! This feature was published in the February 2019 issue and included a detailed and informative write-up that touched on their services as well as their community-focused and charitable efforts. It also mentioned our involvement with their web design, digital marketing strategy, and SEO campaigns. This feature was printed in both Business London and the London Free Press in the same month. Check out more about this London Ontario business feature below:

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Email marketing can do wonders for your small business. It lets you focus direct messages on certain people who have left their email with you, attract them with deals, and make repeat customers out of those who have done business with you before. But with anything in marketing, if it works really well, it can work really poorly, too.

Don’t waste money on a bad campaign! When setting up email marketing for your business, make it the best it can be by avoiding these common mistakes.

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