Ashley's Infographic

Work at SlyFox is never boring, even for a co-op student like me! There’s always something to do, and a fun way to get it done. When I first got here there was so much to learn and do, and the people here made it exciting and enjoyable, helping me build up some experience and teaching me new ways to perform old tricks. I learned a lot and made new friends, and through it all, I had fun.


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Sarah's infographic

Here at SlyFox Digital Media Marketing, the office is constantly busy and there is always something going on. Slow days are very rare but a busy office means there is always something to be done.


I started my co-op at SlyFox in late February and they were happy to take me on. They welcomed me and made me feel like a part of the team right away. I was given tasks that focused on what I wanted to learn and these past few months have been a valuable experience.


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