#SmallBusinessThatRocks: WordFrog Inc.

Let’s say you’re a local entrepreneur with an incredible product, eye-catching branding, and some convincing copy. This product is selling out on local shelves, new orders are overtaking your inbox, and you’re working hard to keep up with the demand. Now, a national retail chain wants to put your product on shelves across the country, but before they can, your branding and packaging have to meet our country’s bilingual language laws. What do you do?

Don’t trust an online service or someone who only speaks the language to get it done: any small business that’s expanding needs a reliable translator! Proper translation requires someone to be both a very good English writer and a very good French writer. Luckily, the founder of WordFrog Inc., this week’s #SmallBusinessThatRocks, is both!


Meet WordFrog FounderΒ  MΓ©lanie Bernier

WordFrog Inc. is a specialized Canadian translation service company headed by MΓ©lanie Bernier. MΓ©lanie has over a decade of working as a translator in her native language of Canadian French.Β Her philosophy? If you do it right the first time, you never have to worry about it! She uses this outlook to provide cost-effective translation services to clients in all industries, including the newer, heavily regulated cannabis industry. They can trust that their final translations are accurate and within their packaging and branding standards!

To help her out and let her widen the scope of her translation services, MΓ©lanie selected a core team of freelance translators who can do for Spanish and Arabic what she does for French. Her team is highly diverse, and MΓ©lanie assigns each freelancer the projects that best suit their skill set. Nearly all of WordFrog’s freelancers are in Canada, except for a few translators based out of Europe!

WordFrog primarily serves manufacturers and corporations whose French-language needs do not warrant the hiring of an in-house translator. They do great work with packaging, user manuals, corporate communications, and websites, as well as making sure packaging is compliant under Canada’s language laws. To help, MΓ©lanie has developed the extensive knowledge base required to translate technical and corporate documents. Having this part covered, she came to the SlyFox team for a website that worked for her growing business!




WordFrog and SlyFox

SlyFox did a redesign to improve WordFrog‘s site aesthetics and user experience, as well as let it support ads and the SEO goals that go with the translaion industry. We had to help her achieve specific goals because MΓ©lanie is expanding her business beyond the immediate market, offering packaging compliance both in Canada and for the American market. But it’s not just our animal-inspired names that made us a good fit: like SlyFox, MΓ©lanie blazes her own trail in the world of business translation!Β 

WordFrog doesn’t follow the traditional translation agency structure, and MΓ©lanie is proud of that! Her clients benefit from having documents handled by the same small team of language professionals every time. They can enjoy the cost savings that result from cutting out the middleman. MΓ©lanie’s unique approach to helping businesses grow makes WordFrog Inc. a true #SmallBusinessThatRocks!

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