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Are you one of those people who are driven to do something more with your life?  You work too hard for too little and know that your skills are worth more.  You wake up early in the morning or have trouble getting to sleep at night.  The very thought of going into work the next day just makes your stomach churn as you know it’s going to be the same tasks with the same results indefinitely.

You are not alone.  So many of us feel the exact same way.  In fact that feeling was the very reason SlyFox was founded.  The truth is, every city in North America is just teeming with money.  Every place you go, every one you talk to, you are literally surrounded by people spending money.  There is opportunity at every corner, even for the unskilled!  People in less fortunate countries would give anything to be in the position we are in here in Canada.

So how can you change your thinking to capture all of this money that is floating around?  It’s so much easier than you think!  The key to it is commitment.  You are skilled and you have value.  What you likely don’t have is customers.  That is why you are out searching for employment or working at an unfulfilling job rather than being paid what your work is actually worth.  When you hand someone a resume it’s like you are asking them for a favor.  They have something all set up and are earning revenue from it.  You are asking to conform to their way of doing business and working full-time to help achieve their goals.  To some of us this can feel like a cage.

To begin escaping this cage, you must first dedicate yourself to the task.   Motivation is everything.  You already know what you want to do, so now it’s time to start doing it.  You will not be able to get away from your job without money, and that will not come until later.  So you must work harder than everyone else for a little while.

Pick something that you already love to do.  Everything in the world is worth money, so it’s not that important what it is.  Let’s say for example that your passion is working with electronics and sound equipment.  It’s a fairly common skill at the most basic level, but there is really a very wide need for it.  Nearly everyone likes music and audio entertainment if you think about it.

Now comes the tricky part.  What have you been spending your money on?  Most people earn money at their work and then use it to pay their bills and find entertainment.  You’re still going to have to pay your bills unfortunately, but there may be some wiggle room in the entertainment budget.  The tough reality of it is, that your passion to be somebody in the electronics and sound equipment industry is going to have to double as your entertainment for the foreseeable future.  All of the money you can spare for entertainment you should now be spending on investments.  Invest in some sound equipment.  Invest in events or activities that will bring you closer to people who are successfully operating in the industry or may have need for your services.

Once you have a good feel for it and know that you have developed a service that is useful to others, you should work on presenting yourself as a professional.  Find a proper price point and define exactly what you are selling.  Call around to others offering a similar service to see what they charge and how they present their offering.  This will really help you get oriented to what needs to be done.

So hopefully after all of these experiences you have acquired some paying customers and a sense of professionalism for what is to become your business.  To make the final leap to complete independence you are going to need to advertise a little bit.  Contact SlyFox and let’s have a conversation so you can tell us about your journey.  There are a million ways to get your service in front of people and we’ll find the most effective way to reach your customers!

Welcome to the CEO revolution!

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