#SmallBusinessThatRocks: Trillium Bookkeeping

Trillium Feature

Tax time, bookkeeping, human resources… hearing these words can make any small business owner squirm. These areas of business don’t have to be tough to manage, and there’s a local small business committed to making it much easier! 

Since its very beginning, Trillium Bookkeeping has focused on one goal: helping other #SmallBusinessesThatRock with the complex parts of money and human resources. When they wanted a site that reflected this message, they chose the SlyFox team; given how much our philosophies align, it was a perfect match!


The Team Behind Trillium Bookkeeping And Accounting


Trillium Bookkeeping’s founders, Andrea and Mike VanderWeide, understand how important efficiency and transparency are for small businesses. They’ve put together a professional team knowledgeable in all accounting and human resources programs, providing their clients with the confidence and peace of mind that comes with knowing. They manage important deadlines like HST, WSIB, and payroll taxes, as well as year-end preparation to give their clients the breathing room to focus on growing their small and medium-sized businesses. trillium-accounting-body-image


Being a small business themselves, they know that easing financial pressure makes running a business much less stressful and difficult. The Trillium team does this by keeping up with the most useful accounting and HR programs. Their team is partnered with QuickBooks, Wagepoint, Plooto, Hubdoc, and many more companies so that small businesses don’t have to navigate tricky software by themselves. They even hold educational sessions to pass the skills on! 


Committed To Helping And Having Fun In The Community


From top to bottom, the Trillium team is committed to working in the community, including taking on leadership roles within it. Andrea is a member and former President of the London Referral Network, and Mike is a member of the Forest City Business Club. Trillium is a local sponsor of Rock For Dimes London 2020 in support of March of Dimes Canada, an organization that provides a wide range of services to people with disabilities in London. On top of all that, Mike and Andrea are both members of a pop-rock cover band known as Electric Popsicle. Look for them at charity events around London!


trillium-bookkeeping-body-imageIt’s not enough being one of the coolest groups of accountants we’ve ever met – Trillium Bookkeeping has a philosophy worth sharing. Being a technology-driven business that prioritizes the community, they were a natural fit for SlyFox. When they needed a website that properly reflected their team and goals, we were excited to make it for them!


Trillium Bookkeeping and Accounting is a solid member of the community, helping locally-owned small and medium-sized businesses thrive in the Forest City’s unique economy. Andrea, Mike, and the whole Trillium team have the skills and tools necessary to give business owners the freedom to focus on their work. Check out their new website, get to know the team behind this #SmallBusinessThatRocks, and let them take the load of accounting and HR for you!

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