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The SlyFox Golden Rule: Sell First!

The SlyFox Golden Rule

We have had many clients who have insisted we steer away from this method, which we did for them. After these experiences we have learned to push this rule even harder! There is never a reason to deviate: Concentrate on the path of least resistance to get proof-of-concept and more importantly, money in your pocket. If your business is in the service industry, we can usually fit the core of your service into one page and get it online within a couple days. Do not put all of your money into development and not leave anything for the ad budget!

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Proof of Concept

If your work is in landscaping, law practice, chiropractic, or any other common service where there is a clear and established market, you can skip this section. However, if your service or product falls into some unique niche, new invention, or twist on a service that is untested, you need proof-of-concept. This means not assuming that what you are selling is desirable just because you believe it to be. Until other people have actually handed you money in exchange for it, it has no value! The best course of action is to follow the above golden rule – sell first! Let’s cheaply get it in front of some people and see how they react.

Write it Down

A great way that you can help make your new site fantastic is to put on paper how you see your business. What are your services and what differentiates them from others? Who are you and what does your brand sound like. What are some tricks that you know that make your company more desirable than others? SlyFox writers can make anything sound fantastic, but only you know the ins and outs of your business and who you are. If you tell us this up front we can spend time organizing it and making it sound fantastic.

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A Page for Each Service or Product

You have proof-of-concept, some sales, and complete confidence that what you are selling is a viable service or product; now let’s break into a multi-page site to set up long-term search engine success.

For example, a local printing company has three areas of specialization: Stationary, silk screening, and signage. It would make sense for this company to have a six-page website: Home page, about us, stationary, silk screening, signage, and contact us. This way they have their core pages (home, about, and contact) to cover all of their branding and communication, but also three specialized pages that are optimized to capture business from searches specific to stationary, silk screening, and signage.

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Make Sure You have an Ad Budget

A budget to bring traffic to the site is absolutely essential to any campaign. Depending on the service/product it could vary significantly. The entire project hinges on putting your ideas in front of potential customers. This is not the Field of Dreams, and simply building it will not make people come. With a limited budget, our recommendation is always to keep the site very simple and put the money behind the ads. There is always room to improve after the revenue is flowing.

Our Customer is Always Right

In this section of our website we have given you some guidelines on how we feel things are best done. These ideas are proven and we stand behind them. However, at the end of the day, you are our customer and know best for your own business. However you wish to approach your project is how we will proceed.

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