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SlyFox is London, Ontario’s leading contractor marketing firm. Whether you’re in home renovations or specialty services like electrical, drainage, or welding, our team is ready to serve you. We build professional sites that showcase the best of the trades business, letting professional contractors focus on the skills that make them great! On top of providing a new way for prospective clients to get in touch with you, a SlyFox website can detail your services, highlight past projects, and offer pricing structures for customers so they know what to expect. When you’re a small trades business, you know how important it is to have top-of-the-line tools – make a SlyFox website your tool for the marketing job!


SlyFox can design a professional website customized for your drywall contracting business, helping you stand apart from the competition! Drywall subcontractors, installers and repairers must appeal to a wide range of customers - whether it's for private homeowners and large-scale builders or commercial clients, your skills are a crucial part of any construction project. You need a website that reflects what you can offer these potential customers!


Trust SlyFox to custom-design a website for your flooring business. We can build a website, brand image, and digital marketing plan that turns your website into a top sales and marketing asset. Whether you're in residential flooring, specialize in massive commercial jobs, or both, a SlyFox website provides you with all the square footage you need. We'll help you show off your handiwork, including digital showrooms that display your wood, tile, ceramic, stone, and commercial flooring options.

Home Renovations

You've got the top skills needed to make homes look beautiful - do you have a website and branding to match? Home renovators need a professionally built website with an eye-catching design, easy navigation, and good speed and performance qualities. Our team of professionals has the experience and WordPress skills to serve all businesses in home renovation and remodelling contractor services.


If you're a concrete contractor looking to reach new customers, let SlyFox lay a foundation with professional web design and digital marketing services! Using the right content management system and our expert skills, we have all the ingredients a concrete contractor could ever need to turn drafts, pricing lists, and projects into a high-quality website. Our team can even help you target a local audience or, if you're looking to expand, take you to new markets!


The plumbing industry has many opportunities for success, but is your company ready to meet these possibilities? Most of your prospective clients look for their plumbers online, so you must have a website that reaches them where they are. With a professional SlyFox website, you can make the best first impression, capitalize on all your leads more effectively and present your plumbing services with sleek galleries!


You make properties more beautiful- make sure you have a website to match your work! Landscaping sites have to help customers get in touch with you quickly, whether to book a job or get an estimate; they should pair this with professional images and clean designs that highlight past work and reflect an eye for detail. Letting the website speak to your company's special skills can help your small business stand out from the competition!


Electricians rely on websites to expand their company image and set them apart from other contractors. If you're in the business, you know that wiring and system installations and repairs are essential to both commercial and residential customers, but does your web presence show how you could help with these services? Let SlyFox connect you to clients, using top-quality digital solutions and expert web development to give you a professional image!


When people have issues with their drainage system, foundation, basement, sewer lines, or waterlines, they need an expert to identify and fix the problem. When they search on Google, though, will they find your business? SlyFox provides website building and digital marketing solutions to drainage contractors across North America, helping them.


Cabinet contractors are in a profession that balances aesthetics, functionality, and a client's budget. If you're in this business, make sure you have a website that lets customers admire your skills and trust your services! Cabinet makers, contractors, and others who design, construct, refinish and repair cabinets can connect with local customers using an affordable, professional SlyFox website.


SlyFox serves small businesses in the construction industry across Canada and the United States with effective (and cost-effective) digital marketing solutions. We'll make sure you have a site and homepage that immediately grabs attention, gallery pages that showcase your incredible portfolio, and the right keyword strategy to make sure you're reaching potential clients and stakeholders who are online.

Agriculture & Farming

More consumers than ever want to know the farmers behind their food. People search online to learn about farmer's markets, specific dietary options like organic, and the foods that are locally in season. Answer every potential question and reach more customers by working with SlyFox Web Design & Digital Marketing! We can build an agriculture website and digital marketing strategy to establish your online presence, build a loyal following, and save you time so you can focus on your business.


Across North America, the welding business is booming - are you ready? Let SlyFox help your company embrace customers and appeal to potential employees with a professional, affordable website. If you're a welder, let our team join search engine optimization with tailored web development services to create sites that work for your business's bottom line.

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